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    Killing some time this morning my son and I stopped by the thrift
    shop just to look...By the entrance out on the sidewalk sat 3 push
    lawnmowers...with one of them being a LAWN BOY Model 7264 Push mower
    complete with 2 side discharge plates (1 green, 1 Brand new never
    used black), a bagging chute, ORIGINAL BAG and the support rod!!! I
    was psyched!!!

    The tag stated $50.00 but by looking at this unit you can tell it
    was left outside for quite a few years...the handle bar is rusted
    but the plastic grip is 100% perfect...rust stains running down the
    deck whose paint is so chipped and faded it will need to be redone...

    I asked if they would take $30 for it and she looked at the $50
    price tag and said, "It's outside; you can have it for $25.00...PLUS
    we have coupons that states if you spend $25.00 you get an
    additional $5.00 off so you can have it for $20.00..." Apparently
    they were having a 1 day sidewalk sale today only and I TOTALLY
    lucked out and stopped for the first time ever there today...So I
    paid $21.30 (w/tax)!!!

    Took the mower to the truck and put some gas in the fuel
    tank...pulled the starter cord a few times and...he ROARED to
    life!!! I was ecstatic!!! The motor alone was worth the money but
    with a little love he can be returned to his once former self...

    So look in thrift shops...

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