Stabbed by a so called friend!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOMER, Mar 2, 2001.

  1. HOMER

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    Well it finally happened.

    Last summer I helped a guy out.........a lot! I gave him some yards that I was having trouble getting to, I gave him bush hogging work, I paid him to help me several times and guess what..............he stole a yard from me today!

    Steal might be a little strong, but he took one at any rate.
    It's been my philosophy to help those starting out, I never got any help, so I figured it would be a good gesture. One of my oldest customers called just now to tell me March would be my final month, he was going to change. I asked why and he said he saw a guy mowing across the street and like his work, but he never had a complaint with mine and even said so tonight. I asked him if he was going to get a cheaper rate, he said, why sure.. I then asked him who it was that was going to do it and he told me his name..........Wow, help a guy out and this is what you get in return. Needless to say I'm a little pissed about it because it was a yearly account, not a real good one, but just the same it was yearly. I'm not losing much, the yard was not in good shape so I really can't say I will miss it, the point is that I would have thought once the guy found out I was doing the yard he would have declined to take it under the circumstances, out of pure respect for all I did for him last summer. I showed him how to set people up on yearly agreements, gave him schedules, gave him copies of contracts to use and generally told him everything I HELP THE SOB EAT!!!!!!!!!

    I kindly declined to complete March and told the old geezer to let the new guy go ahead and start, I hope he never calls me back, the new guy has a personality that won't gel with the old geezer. I'm waiting for my so called buddy to call me, I don't think I need to call him.

    I'm through helping people out, this one did me in. I'll give on here but not anyone in business around me. Tough shick I say, figure it out yourself, now I know what they mean when they say you train your competition.
  2. John DiMartino

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    Homer=you created your own competition,why didnt you just give him your route sheet with prices while you were at it?You were way to nice to him,gave him what might have took you years to learn without help.Remember-what comes around goes around-you will get something better than now-every time I had that happen-I got better account in no time,and ended up glad that it was taken.
  3. bob

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    Remember the saying, nice guys finish last?
  4. T-Bone

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    Hang in there Hommer

    I still believe there is a balance in life.

    Next week you mit pass him along the side of the road in deep need of help when you suddenly notice your foots unable to work the brake pedal. It may even be that you land a large account next week and needed the room in your schedule.

    Then you have the last laugh.

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  5. Charles

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    Something about seniors more than anyone else. They seem to forget the simple thing they learned along time ago. You get what you pay for. People who work cheap and cheat their friends will sooner or later screw everyone else. A elderly customer of mine hired one of those fly by nite painters(low baller). He got money up front from the old gizmo and then didnt come back for a month and then did a couple of hours of work and then wanted more money. None was given this time and he hasnt been back to finish the job. Probably the same type of guy you talking about Homer. But there are sucker customers all over the place and they never learn. Seniors are the most gulible thinking they can get something for nothing and wanting to believe because they are penny pinching(not talking about the truly indigent). But fools come in all ages.
  6. kutnkru

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    I would not divulge your pricing, yet helpful hints and horticultural practices would be alright.

    People need to learn some cooth.
  7. Barkleymut

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    Homer, maybe he doesn't know that this is one of your customers. Just a thought. If he did know this was one of yours, I would be rather upset as well just because of how nice you were to him.
  8. ProSeasons

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    Sorry that happened, Homer. That dude was wrong to pull that s#*! You're an upfront guy and pure rookies like me FULLY appreciate everything men like you have to say. Thank you. I don't blame you for how you feel. I'd feel the same way,shoot, I'd feel worse.....Let's take the ole Dodge one ton and do a yard job! Sorry, it was just a thought.
  9. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
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    He DID know I was doing it, that.s the problem. I would not do that to a guy that has helped me, it.s not in me to screw people like that. Maybe thats why I failed that millionare quiz..............I ain.t got what it takes, not ruthless enough............heck, look how I dress........would a guy dressed like that screw people over?
  10. Bassman

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    The first thing that comes to mind is, "What comes around, goes around". Things like this have a history of evening things out eventually. Either you will pick up a more lucrative account to replace this one or he will suffer problems because he sh*t on you. Maybe both scenario's. Do not lose sleep over it. Keep on motivatin and doing your thing. You tried to help out a person and it bit you in the arse. Such is life. El Cheapo customers are more problems in the long haul than there worth. He may have unknowingly done you a favor. In 3 months you won't even remember or care.

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