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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dmk395, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. dmk395

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    My customer has a momosa? tree. I have never seen one before and she wants it stabilized because it stretches far out, and the leaves on it weigh it down. She is afraid it will split. She asked me about stabilizing it....anyone have any idea.....never seen a tree like this before
  2. SodKing

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    I would probably try to move her position towards a proper trimming to protect the tree. Give Bartlett Tree a call and have them advise her. Cabling can sometimes lead to a more dangerous situation than trimming the tree correctly.
  3. Coffeecraver

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  4. D Felix

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    I don't think I'd call Bartlett first. Being a national company, they are selling to meet a quota, and from what I understand and have experienced, will try to sell unnecessary services to meet said quota.

    I'd call a local certified arborist first. Go to and once inside the site, click the link that says something to the effect of "find an arborist".


  5. jimmyq

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    D Felix, no offense to Bartlett but I would agree, get a local pro to have a look.
  6. SodKing

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    I will recognize that Bartlett is the True-green of the tree industry with sales that the homeowner did not think they needed, however, I have found my local Bartlett crews completely proficient and one of the better companies to deal with. The take care of three of my largest estates on he Seacoast of NH and I have no complaints on the work done so far.
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    What I will often do is go to a local Golf Course, see if the HO is a member at one, and ask the Superintendent if he/she would be willing to take a look when they get a chance ( bring a couple of pic's). Your average Golf Course superintendent will likely be far more knowledgeable than anyone a tree CO sends, and the super won't have an agenda ( not pointing fingers of course ). Pic a Course around 65 bucks/round (without a cart), preferably one with a lot of old trees.

    At the very least I walk away with a recommendation for a good arborist.

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    Sounds more like it may need a minor reduction pruning at most. Properly done, it would encourage girth expansion over length- desireable here in NE with snow/ice/wind loads.

    Limbs that can move freely will build tension and compression wood in areas that need it to reduce the chance of splitting and failure. Steel cabling a tree takes away that "excercise" making the limb actually weaker and more dependant on the cable to avoid failure than ever.

    Dynamic cabling such as "Cobra" allows the tree to flex within a predetermined range of motion; thereby the limbs can excersise, but have an ultimate limit on their movement.
  9. AGLA

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    Mimosa is a fast growing weak wooded tree. Your customer is right, it will break easy. It also cuts really easy. It is a cheap tree. If you do any pruning at all, this is one that is on the easy side.
  10. Coffeecraver

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    That was my point,thank you for explaining it better.


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