Stacking well lights and other tecniques.

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Venturewest, Nov 11, 2008.

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    In the LL Rescource manual Nate talks about stacking well lights to deal with tall foliage. Do any of you use this tecnique? It seems easier to just put a long stem on a bullet or wall washer.

    In our area, just about every home has some sort of dense shrub or hedge (usually something like 'carissa' holly or boxwood) pressed up against the brick or stone facade around the entire perimeter. If you want to evenly light the front of the home as I have seen so many examples of here on lawnsite, how do you deal with the foliage. Many times there is no room in front of the shrubs due to a sidewalk.

    It seems if you bring your fixture to the top level of the foliage, the pattern of light will be too high on the wall.

    Do you radically "prune"? Do you convince them to yank the shrubs? (Doesn't seem likely)

    Thanks for the help.
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    we are much more in line with the idea of using fixtures on risers these days but back in the day when we were limited on fixture choices and riser options we utilized our F125's ability to stack to help get us up and above the thick or dense foliage associated with embankments. Today we can cut you 18" long F225 cans to help but the F125 still has its ability to stack.

    There is no better way though IMO then to get above foliage with the use of a specified length riser or stem. Being readily available in brass and copper and in lengths from 6" all the way to 36" (I believe) it gives you the ability to order the exact length you need and gives you all the freedom in terms of fixture selection.

    Keep in mind when raising a fixture above 12" or so the use of a broader stake may be in order to compensate for the added leverage. Example the Pulsar will come with a Gravity Stake but if you put a 18" riser on it you may want to order a Stabalizer Stake to give it the added stability.

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