Stadium Seat Cushion As Pad

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ClayMcC, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. ClayMcC

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    Raining today so I'm chillin'...

    What to do with a stadium style seat cushion when not at a stadium?

    Attached is an image of a Richard Childress Racing (RCR) seat cushion (pillow type?) that I bought at a Busch series race at Nashville Superspeedway. It looked like it might fit into the bottom of my Trimmer Trap CR 3 rack, and it did, perfectly:

    Second image is my Stihl 290 chainsaw in a WE Chapps cover on the RCR seat cushion in the Trimmer Trap CR 3 rack:

    Here are the product links:

    Trimmer Trap:

    W.E. Chapps:

    ... stay tuned for what I did with my Dale Earnhardt, Jr., six pack beer cooler!


  2. Brendan Smith

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    ok, the cooler thing has really got me wondering...did you...add ice and beer? :laugh: :laugh:

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