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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigglePLC, May 9, 2010.

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    Has anyone seen the actual ingredients and cultivars of Scotts new Major League Baseball seed?

    They have a deal with 5 baseball parks. But the wording is purposely vague. Contains varieties used on the field. So not the same--what varieties? What percent of the field seed is actually Scotts seed? Did the field have to change to Scotts seed to sign the deal?
    Most such fields are actually grown at sod farms--or --am I wrong?
    Five midwest fields have signed up so far.
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    These big companies have one gimmick after another. Guys lay awake at night dreamin this crap up.

    Ayn Rand said....The masses are incurably ignorant.

    These companies thrive on and exploit peoples vulnerabilities and ignorance.

    The park gets free seed and fertilizer in exchange for the testimonial and the use of the park name.

    Nothing more. Nothing less.
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    No. And my computer balks if I even think about visiting the Scotts web site, but I followed your link. Like you, I found next to no helpful information there. The only clue was "begins to grow in 7-14 days." If they are differentiating between various MLB parks, you'd think they might list how, even if vaguely. I spent some time filling out their lengthy survey. Can’t swear I was any more help to them than they were to me :)
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    Seed? At ML ballparks? LMAO. Since when does any park use seed? They use sod, and ONLY sod.

    DeLea (of Northport, NY) sod farms did the new Yankee stadium. Pure KGB, their own mix, and they do the repair work, and it always sod, never seed, and it aint Scott's seed.

    This is pure marketing BS, just a licensing deal that Scotts came up with. Means nothing in the real world.
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    Well... Don't mean to bust your balls on what you think you know about MLB parks and the turf. The St. Louis Cardinals seed blend is actual seed that is used to grow the sod that is used on the field. The Busch Stadium blend is a mix of 5 KBG's The problem is, is that Joe Homeowner is going to throw this stuff out and not maintain properly.
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    My point was that ONLY sod is used in ML ballparks. Now, if Scotts has struck a deal with the sod farms who supply the sod.... different issue. I recently bought some Scott's "Pro Mix" which is about 60% rye and 40% KGB, but was labeled as

    0.00 weed seed.

    We shall see. I will bet the farm that is Scotts is supplying the seed for the ML parks to their sod farms it's not the crap you can buy in Home Depot. I don't know the details of this "deal'.... so don't think you are busting my balls about anything. I have not set them on the table for you to bust.
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    They overseed all the time.

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