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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by vgshopboss, Jun 2, 2008.

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    I'm curious to know how many guys on here have on-staff mechanics? How many pieces of equipment do you have? Do you work year round? How many mechanics do you have on staff?

    I am the shop foreman for a large landscape and grounds maintenance company in Minnesota. We have about 300 pieces of equipment (that I keep maintenance files on) we probably have another 60 or 75 odds and ends that don't require regular maintenance, so I don't keep too many records on them. Rough estimates would be about 45 trucks (Chevy 1/2 tons to a Sterling tri-axle), about 20 or so trailers, 10 Bobcats, one mini-ex, 40 lawn mowers, 16 trimmers, 16 backpacks, 25 snowblowers, 16 Gravely 2 -wheel tractors (snow removal only), 16 or so Boss snowplows, a couple of wheel loaders, one tractor, and about 5 salesguy trucks. Presently we have 2 mechanics, myself and the other guy. We keep up the maintenance, repairs, DOT inspections, welding and fabrication work, blade sharpening, tire work, and the occasional toilet repair.

    I'm just trying to figure out where our staffing level should be. I have reached the point that my right hand and I can't keep up with everything anymore, and I am trying to convince the boss to hire us a shop helper/parts runner. Just wanted to know where everyone else was at. Thanks for the time.

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    Just by myself I spend probably six hours on maintainence and regular repairs, so you've gotta be pretty busy my friend !
  3. lubricity

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    Just keeping 45 trucks and trailers on the road is almost a full time job. I would think a 4 hour a day helper would be in order.
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    I'd agree, your boss should consider hiring someone-if even just for the summer to run around and pick up stuff. That would keep you in the shop, doing what you do best. I'd make him aware of what your going through and he may understand.
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    You do need another wench turner ! Back in the day when I worked for one LCO, he had 12 trucks and 15 trailers and it was just me, good thing was that I had a truck mechanic on call for just the trucks. We could drop a truck off that night and he would have it done the next day, that might be a way to go if you can find some one to work with you on that or come in at night.
    The equipment and trailers where my problem :) Back in the first gas crisis in the 70s, we started to have some parts drop shipped, that was a big help.

    Now back when I worked for Scians/TGLC, there where 3 of us in the shop. But TGLC had a "no picking up parts" rule, so we had to have everything drop shipped or delivered. That was a PITA ! So equipment might sit around for a few days while parts where shipped. TGLC even took our service truck away :cry:

    This might be the way to go if you are strapped for time to keep some on a repair. I know our BIG local Ford dealer delivered parts as well as the local NAPA, and we could get alot of mower parts from NAPA as well. everything else was drop shipped and we would have it most of the time, the next day if the our local dealers had it or if he had to order it from his distributor

    From the sounds of it you work for a BIG LCO and that can help with buying power and service. I would start making some calls and see who would be willing to work with you for your business. You might even be able to get parts dealers like Stens and Gardener to deal with you, they are only a phone call away :)
    Go luck.
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    My last job had 9 isuzu trucks 6 zero turn mowers and about 16 walk behind mowers then all the assortment of blowers edgers and trimmers. I allways have to m,uch to do even in winter.

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