STAFFING SHORTAGES! Due to high Unemployment benefits - 2021 season!!

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So, we have fallen behind already on our pacing due to being very UNDERstaffed! Ostensibly, because of the very cushy, raised Unemployment weekly pay-outs, plus their requirement to seek work has also been suspended. So why even get a job? Our company has resorted to hiring a 3rd party Recruiter to help us find workers.
In the meantime, we were all given a memo on Monday that effective immediately all hours worked over 50 per week will be paid as DOUBLE TIME! (This is a first for our company to do his!) And all Saturdays are a mandatory work day with a minimum 8 hours. This plan will initially run for the next 4 weeks, but could very possibly be extended.

On a related note, I heard an interview on the news-radio today with the city parks Director. He said that this is the time of season that they hire extra summer workers to do mowing & grounds maintenance. But they're having trouble getting applicants also!

Just wonder what you guys are dealing with out there in terms of employee shortages, and how you're handling this problem?


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This industry has a hard time finding/keeping employees to begin with. Add in free money from the idiots running the country and this is the result you get.

Glad I am and have been solo for 15 years.

Sorry I don’t have an answer, but I saw this nightmare coming years ago and downsized.


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I’ve thought and continuously think about stuff like this. I’m far from needing even a helper much less a crew/crews. I feel like instead of growing when I fill up solo, I should just begin loosing my worst profitable accounts. For instance, I do a $60 lawn that took me 28 minutes this week and is going faster every week I mow. This Friday I’ll do a yard that I cannot get below an hour for $40. When I get to 10-14 30 minute accounts a day that earn $50-60 four days a week I will consider myself a success. Add in some landscaping when there’s no rain and life should be good. Looking like $2,400 a week revenue without even reaching for a shovel. I feel for you guys struggling with short hands, but I’m finding people calling me when a company is continuously behind an rushing. No business owner I know ( all 3 of them lol ) are finding any staff...


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I'm back working this year and have last years help back. Any new leads I'm quoting on, I'm pricing 20% higher than before, assuming the customer isn't getting many companies looking to add business.

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We are 3 workers short. Can't get any guys to even apply. Worst staffing crisis I've ever seen.

It's not just our industry. My CPA said EVERY small business he works with has the same exact problem. He's a partner in the biggest firm in town. He said his department needs 6 admin folks. They currently have 2. He's had to answer his own phone which is waste a time for partners that bill the amount of money that they do.

I looked at hiring through a temp agency this season. They wanted $29+ for basic unskilled labor. We can't afford that.

Our solution has been to raise prices, work weekends, and try and keep our angry clients sorta calm :dizzy: