STAFFING SHORTAGES! Due to high Unemployment benefits - 2021 season!!

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Why work when you can make more money on the government dole? Sounds great to them. They don't realize they are now owned by the government until after its too late.
Exactly, why gain work ethic and valuable life skills, when you could be drinking Mountain Dew and playing call of duty all day and getting paid to do so.

I’m well aware this is a cliche, but young people are screwed man.


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I agree with all of you. I have one part time guy I am paying 14 a hour but I need way more than him. People offering 20-22 a hour I am not sure how they make it work unless I am way low in pricing. I cannot see my geographical location paying 60-65 a yard for a yard that is usually 45 so that I can pay my help more.
Everything is going up. Ask people if they have priced lumber this year. Lawncare has to go up too.

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Been solo for a long time, but had employees in the past. One thing that I think all employers need to come to terms with (not just in our industry, but all industries nationwide) is that the main reason for employee shortages is due primarily to a culture shift, and not strictly economic conditions.
I am a Gen-Xer. Being a Gen-Xer, I was one who was raised where performing work in a factory, doing landscaping, or any other job that made you sweat was considered honest and respectable work. When I was in high school, all the boys got summer jobs that required one to sweat: mowing lawns, hand-drying cars at the car wash, etc. If you got a job at McDonalds, that was considered wussy...soft jobs like that are for girls.
Today, we see the results of the last 30 years of schools indoctrinating America's youth that no manual job--regardless of pay or fulfillment one receives from it-- is a "real" job. The message we hear from the education sector and the media is, "Go to college, get a degree, or be cancelled by society". The last time I witnessed a kid cut the grass anywhere had to be 5-7 years ago, and he did not have a clue what to do. Face it, the overwhelming majority of Millennials and Gen-Z believe that if you perform any manual work for a living, it reflects that individual as a loser--financially, mentally, and socially--and needs to be avoided (i.e. cancelled) lest you be counted as one of them. For Millennials and Gen-Z, image is everything after all.
You also have all the detriments that social media platforms and extended screen time do to the human brain (per many a clinical journal), and the resulting dearth of social skills that result from such, and there you go folks--that's REALLY why it's so hard to get someone to come on board with your company so you can throw $25.00/hour at them for life with benefits, but no one will even look at you. It's not any of you. It's what our culture has become.
You want this to change? Then you put your kids to work in the yard, and start reaffirming the values of our country's former culture of honest and respectable manual jobs. Will they melt down? Sure. Let 'em melt down, then put them back to working till they sweat. Teach them the values of resilience, delayed gratification, and the pride that comes with earning your way through life by the sweat of your own brow. By the time they're adults they'll be the granite monoliths in life while all the others end up being the frail, well-educated pansies that wilt at the first sign of life's heat.
This ^^^^^^ in a nutshell.
For context, I'm 55.
Back in my day the teens and "tweens" got out in the summer and hustled their neighborhood for mowing, and other misc yard jobs. payup:nod:

Do any of the kids do that nowadays?!? Not from what I've seen. :confused::headphones: