Staining cleaning one year old deck.

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Holland, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Ok I got a deck built with treated yellowwood pine last July. I know I should of stained sealed it before now but haven't. It dosent look too bad just has a grayish look and looks like it NEEDS some uv stain/sealer. I have a pressure washer and have used Jomax cleaning homes etc. so what do you guys reccommend doing? Cleaning the wood etc. then what kinda sealer stain would you use? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. My deck gets full morning and early afternoon sun.
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  3. TruSomethingOrOther

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    I recommend Cabots products. My father is a contractor / does it all person and I had the opportunity to be raised being taught the trades. I've used it before on a couple side jobs I had and it holds up for a long time.
  4. Roof Cleaning Virginia

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    "3 step" the deck before staining:

    Sodium percarbonate
    Light to moderate power rinse
    Neutralize/brighten with oxalic acid

    Although Cabots looks great, it's a BEAR to strip when it's time to clean and reseal the deck, as you can't put Cabots on over Cabots. There are other contractor grades of stain/sealer that are easier to strip. Just something to consider.
  5. Southern grass

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    We always use to clean first with half bleach half water and pressure wash it off and do the 3 step sikkens stain its expensive but it's the best they make and pressure wash it at least once every year or so with a diluted bleach and it will knock the mildew wright off
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    Ready seal is what I use
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  7. BrettT

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    As you stated, your deck has not been sealed or stained yet. Remove the greying/black color with a mix of SH, detergent and water. You most likely will not have to pressure wash. Since there is no sealer/stain, there is nothing to remove. Most of the stains/sealers you get at the big box stores are junk. The best stain for the money is Rymar. Make sure you have some pigment/color, clear will not last long at all.
  8. Roof Cleaning Raleigh  NC

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    Do what Ted said. Never use bleach on raw wood!
  9. Holland

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    Brett. What do you mean by SH?
    Also thanks for all the comments!
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  10. Roof Cleaning Raleigh  NC

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    SH Sodium Hypochlorite...BLEACH!

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