Stake body compatibility?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GMTA, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Is it possible to replace a stake body with another stake body but not a dump stake body. I am interested in buying a stake body off a flat bed truck(non-dump) and just replacing the body and using my dump hydraulics . What kind of modifications will need to be made to allow this to work, if it is even possible?

    I posted this in my other thread but wanted more to see it so I made another one.

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    does the exhisting body on your truck have a subframe?is the hoist attached to the subframe?is the hoist a sizzor lift?at the back of your body can you un-bolt the body from the hinge at subframe?or is the body welded to the hing?show me some pics and i can help you .make sure you measure the width of the rails to make sure its compatible.
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    I will get some pics of the set up and post them tomorrow sometime after work. As for the width I will make sure to measure and compare everything...good tip, THANKS!
  4. GMTA

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    Yes the dump body has a subframe. The lift is two rails laid on top of the trucks frame. In the back there is a long hinge bolt going through the frame of the lift and bed frame. I spoke with Dejana, the company who manufactuers the bed and they claimed that most beds regardless of dump/non-dump are built the same. I am sure they are but I wonder if the non-dump bed has the pieces welded on that the hinge bolt goes through if it's not needed for non-dumps. I am going to take a look at the replacement bed tomorrow......if everything matches up and only minor fabrication needs to be done I think it's a done deal. I will take pics of the process.
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    one thing you need on a hoisted flat bed you have to have structural crossills ,not formed heavy sheet metal ,or they will crush when lifting a heavy load .

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