Stake rack on F-250 short box?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cnymowing, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. cnymowing

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    The stock bed on my f-250 short box is starting to get pretty rotten, and the front supports going to the frame are toast, so the box is leaning forward making it look like the truck is folding in half. The truck is a 1999, 7.3 powerstroke with only 170k on it, and besides the bed it is in respectable shape.

    I have looked into getting a new (used) bed, but the prices are outrageous, then there's shipping, painting, and installation cost. I think a stake rack would come in handy for grass clippings and small mulch installs or deliveries, especially if it has a dump option.

    I am just wondering if anyone has a stake rack on an f-250 short bed... pros and cons as opposed to just putting on a new pickup box, any recommendations as far as brands, and how much your bed cost you.

    Also, is it possible to put an 8' stake rack body on my truck even though it has the short (6.5'?) box on it?
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    I am also curious to see it any one has done this as I am interested in doing it myself. I have an 01 extended cab short bed duramax that I would like to flatbed. They make our trucks so much more useful in this field of work.
    There is guys around me running your exact setup. 7.3 extended cab shortbed flatbeds. They look pretty good too.
    They make a 7 foot which is made to go on a shortbed. I think you can get certain ones for around $1500.
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    I don't have one, but I know Knapheide makes a SRW stake body.

  4. cnymowing

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    PERFECT! that is exactly what I was looking for
  5. Potomac Lawns Inc.

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    I know its an old thread but did you ever get the flatbed?
  6. ginter's lawn care

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