Stalling issues with Hustler Super Z...fuel filter?

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by robertm, May 12, 2008.

  1. robertm

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    I bought my Hustler Super Z in the fall of 2006 and did not use it until the Spring of '07. I currently have about 50 hrs on the machine. Since then I have gone through at least 24 in line fuel filters and 4 drop filters in the gas tanks.

    The in-line filters would have some noticable dirt and the drop filters were plugged. I have bypassed the drop filters all together (expensive to buy) and I am running solely on the in line filter. Last year I totally took off the gas tanks, cleaned them out of any debris, dumped the old gas, and then used some new 89 octane gas with 10% ethanol to dry out any residual water deposits in one tank. Then I used the same type of fuel from a different gas station (rule out bad fuel).

    Also I did a complete maintenance of the machine this March (new plugs, oil filter, adn oil).

    Currently I put a new filter on and with in minutes the engine is coughing and killing the engine due to a lack of fuel (I can see the lack of fuel in the in-line filter). I'm no longer 100% sure that it is the fuel filter getting clogged. I still see some dirt in the in line filter, but I don't see how that would totally stop the fuel.

    So is this a fuel filter problem? Is it the fuel pump? Any other ideas? Has anyone had these problems too? Thanks for the input and help.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Has your dealer looked at this?
    What model Super Z do you have?

  3. gps_jetskier

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    If you can see lack of fuel in the filter, my guess is that the tank isn't allowing air in and you're getting a suction. Crack the caps and take it for a spin and see if that helps any.
  4. PEVO

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    Maybe bad fuel lines?
  5. robertm

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    It is the 60 inch deck Kawasaki 27 hp engine.

    Yes and no, I have taken it to one and they told me that it is probably dirt in the tank. They then say that the manf. will not take care of it as there is no way to disprove the fact that I may have got dirt in the tank...which I didn't, but like they said. I can't prove that.

    I have another dealer coming to pick it up soon to look it over. I was hoping to get some opinions on what it could be so I could tell them to check over certain areas.
  6. Sharpcut 1

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    Get rid of the ethanol. Even 10% Replace the fuel lines, clean out the carb (inside) I bet you will find little black balls from the ethanol eating up the rubber fuel lines from the inside. Try getting 100% gasoline with a clear fuel line, bypasss the tanks and run it right to your fuel pump, and see if it goes away. But you may have broken down rubber in your carb. May have to take carb apart to verify this test, as it still may act up until carb is cleaned.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yes do as sharpcut said, Id take off all the fuel lines and clear them out possibly replace them. Its not to expsnsive to do that. Then clear out your tank switch, then work your way back to the carb. Im sure this will solve your problem. Also make sure none of the lines are pinched.
  8. robertm

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    I cracked the fuel caps 2 weeks ago thinking it was a pressure issue, but that did nothing.

    The ethanol theory is a very interesting one. The filer does show little black particles of what I thought was dirt, but it could be from the hoses breaking down. Very interesting. I was actually picking up gas tonight, so I'll test that one out. I'm a bit worried that the carb may now be the problem.

    Should I get new rubber hoses too? Or do you think cleaning out the ethanol gas, get a new inline filter, two new drop filters, and clean the carb would be enough?

    Thanks for the help so far!!
  9. robertm

    robertm LawnSite Member
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    So, I went to my local Hustler dealer and they gave me a special fuel filter to put on. It's appears to be a triple layer type of filter. So I went ahead and put it on. It immediately did the same thing. I think I can rule out the fuel filter now.

    Next they told me to go ahead and take the line off the fuel pump (side to the engine) and crank the engine. They said if I got 2.9 ounces of fuel per minute my lines and pump are good. So I did that and I had 2.9 oz in 30 seconds. So the lines and pump are ruled out in my opinion.

    Next I syphoned (spelling?) out all my gas in both tanks. I did notice in one of my tanks a film on the bottom of a tank. I squeezed my hand in there (ouch) and wiped my finger on it and looked at it. The stuff appears to be a layer of rust or something as it is a deep red color. So I added new 87 octane gas to both tanks and put some algae killer-cleanser stuff in the one tank with the film.

    I started the mower and boom....It worked. I was running off the tank with out the slime (I was letting the cleanser slosh back and forth as I was mowing). Well I got 3/4 done with my front yard (1 acre) and it started doing it again. The fuel filter looked fine. But get this part. This is interesting.

    Every time I hit a series of bumps the engine would fire fine, then it would go back to starve on fuel. I was able to run the last 1/4 acre on the problem, but it never went away.

    So what now? Do you think it is something in the carb?
  10. Imow4u2

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    700 hrs. on my injected Z and no rubber ball issues...

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