Stampcrete Franchise?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by turfquip, Jun 12, 2001.

  1. turfquip

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    Does anybody know the cost involved with getting into this? I have a glossy brochure from Stampcrete showing me all the wonderful things it can do, and a hands on seminar is 295.00. That wouldn't include a franchise fee if you liked what you saw at the seminar.

    Anbybody have any input into Stampcrete or the other 'systems' out there? How would you assess demand for the service from a landscaper's perspective? I can see where a flatwork contractor would have an advantage...or maybe not :)
  2. Stonehenge

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    Around here, the flatwork guys do have an advantage when getting into this. However, around here, the price for brick paving and stamped concrete is usually pretty close (the stamped stuff is sometimes MORE expensive), making my sales of brick pavements really easy.

    Would you pay $5,000 for a cubic zirconia when you could get a diamond for the same price?
  3. Guido

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    Like Stonehenge said, the prices are so close that people usually opt toward the Pavers. I never did like the stamped finish, looks kind of cheesy I think.

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