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  1. How many of you have or are doing decorative stamped concrete? Lets see some pics if you have any.
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    here is some stamped concrete



  3. calidesign, that is some good looking stamp. in the first pic, are the edges stamped aswell.... if so that is some awsome coloring you did. who supplies your stamps?
  4. CaliDesigns

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    In the first pic, I poured a brickledge. That is real brick. I have stamps from at least 5 different suppliers.
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    Stamped did a breif surge here in central Ohio, but now people are getting hip to it. I did stamped concrete sales for a few years and regretted every job I sold. Now, with my own company I can voice my opinions.
    -Concrete will also crack (hence expansion joints.)
    - Most company only use the coloring on the surface, which opens the door to problems when the surface is comprised (scaling, chips, cracks, scratches)
    - Requires more maintenance than pavers (sealing constntly, verss pavers w/ polysand)
    - Once it is in it's there for life (pavers allow adaptability and room fr additions, changes and repaving in a new color)
    - Even with a product like shark grip, stamped concrete is slippery when wet or icy
    - More suseptable to salt damage
    - Unable to accurately repair (if you get a stubborn stain, you can replace replace the affected pavers but you will NEVER get stamped coloring the same
    - Stamped concrete coloring is never exact (it's affected by many factors such as humidiy, concrete mix, application standards)

    ***I will admit that most of these issues affect cold weather climates, and the stamped concrete can prove to be a more superior product in tropical climates. It does offer superior cost advantages in price vs overall look, and cost advantages in features lke stairs.

  6. Those are some very god points. The use of expansion cuts are a must, and somtimes they just ruin the look of the stamp. Flagstone, beutifull marble coloring and then BAMMMM!!! is that straight cut line?
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    Recently completed project.



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