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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Mow&Snow, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. Mow&Snow

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    Do u guys know how much this stuff goes for? By the sqft? I am bidding a walkway and patio out of pavers, and I think the customer has been considering stamped concrete.

    I am just wondering how these two things compare pricewise. The concrete thing hasn't been very big around here, and I never looked into it at all. Any info would be great.

  2. steveair

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    From what I have seen, the price of stamped, colored concrete is just about the same as pavers.

    I think a few factors can change pricing. One is whether the concrete is colored throughout (they add the die directly to the concrete during mixing) compared to colored on just the top, where they use hardener and a release agent. The solid coloring is considerabley more expensive. Also, the complexity of the pattern can also change pricing, ie. a natural stone stamp vs a tiled look.

    Living up in Maine, I would figure stamped concrete would not do all that well. It seems to really start going down hill in a few starts to flake, crack, fade, and overall, look like *&^^ after only a few years.

    If people are comparing your price to a stamped price, I would tell them to be very skeptical of the other contractor if his price is way lower than yours. Make sure they know what they are getting and compare apples to apples.

    Some of the cheaper guys installing it really don't do a good job.........they never get the forms to line up right and you get a pattern that is all out of alignment.
  3. Darryl G

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    About $8/sq. ft. here in CT for stamped concrete, assuming the area is accessible by a cement mixer. More if it's not. Expect it to crack some.
  4. site

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    Stamped concrete about $8-10/sf. Disadvantages- its slippery, poured concrete cracks.

    MJ LANDSCAPING LawnSite Member
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    I do alot of stamped concrete and it can range from $7. - $10. a sq. ft. If done right it can last forever. You can put a additive in the sealer called sure-grip which is a sand texture to prevent slipping. Many people are doing it instead of pavers. pavers have downfalls and so does concrete. concrete is unforgiving where as pavers you can just remove them to fix them. If you can pour and finish concrete then its a piece of cake after that. good luck. In central Nj there are big profits to be made.

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