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    We average several hundred lawns a season. A friend of mine does 400-500 per season! Machine is a beast! Always grease chains daily!
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    How on earth are you guys getting so called professional results with the stand on aerator? I'm extremely curious how this is possible.

    In southern minnesota last week I watched a company do their thing with a brand new toro stand on aerator. Now we had gotten 3 inches of rain in 2 days before the monday I followed them around to see how they were performing with the machine. Not one single lawn had plugs over an inch in length. Saw massive turf tears everywhere on each property.

    By friday last week I caught them once again and decided to pull up and ask some questions and see how they were running the machine. The operator was extremely insightful in his answers. He knew everything about the machine inside and out, but couldn't tell me why the machine only pulled 1 inch plugs on very soft turf. I was told they tell each client to water at least 2 inches before they show up within a day. Proof in the pudding as they say.

    Also the machine is this years model? Seeing the real life scenario of the machine in action is proof enough to not add one to the fleet.

    I'd really like to ask any of you toro stand on aerator owners who use them professionally to post as many pictures of yards you do. I do not think you are all being honest, and that is my opinion. From what I have witnessed with my own 2 eyes I can not in any way justify the use of this machine.
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    Text me at 704-796-1308 and I will reply with pictures of plugs from that aerator. Maybe the operator didn't know how to use the pressure regulator
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  5. americanlawn

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    I aerated 11 lawns today. 10:00 - 3:30. 2013 (Exmark stand-on). Soils are drying out & becoming hard. We need rain! Ran the Exmark at 350 psi on most lawns (in most parts of lawns). Ryan IV (trim areas) pulled 1/2 - 1 inch plugs at best. The Exmark pulled 1 1/2 - 3 inch plugs in all areas. Had some slight turf tear/damage on 3 of these lawns >> these 3 lawns had shallow roots from this summer's drought & bad homeowner care. Folks around here are not watering anymore. Lawns that are being mowed short are the driest/hardest soil, cuz last week's warm temps/full sun/drying winds have dried them out. Lawns that are still being mowed at 3" still have some topsoil moisture, and we get nice plugs & little turf tear. Mowing short is not good >> shallow roots/dry soil/compacted soil.

    Plug results the last 2 weeks with the Exmark range from 1 1/2 - 4 1/2 inch plugs. Many variables.
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    Hi there I have a Toro stand on 30" aerator and it seems that whenever I load this unit on my trailer or turn it off anywhere the tines lower back to the ground. How do I avoid this from happening? It is hard on the deck of my trailer and I would assume hard on the machine itself. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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    I rented a stand on toro yesterday, in years past i always used a walk behind. I have to say it did a way better job and much faster. I rented it for 4 hours, I did 1.5 acres, drove to another that is a little over a .5 acre then drove to two more about the same size, i returned the unit 45 min early. It did do some turf damage but i felt that was my fault from never using one before. I will never use a walk behind again. Deeper plugs and way faster.
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    XY...I have been using my Turfco XT5 the past week, and pulling at least 2" plugs on nearly every lawn, without running the slide in weights! The machine turns so much easier without the weights so if I can get by not using them, I do. You do have to watch turf tear on soft soil like we have now.

    All this said, if a stand on is only pulling 1 inch plugs something is amiss. Probably is running it shallow cause otherwise he tears the hell out of the turf.
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    Good point DA. We have the best luck with our XT5 and a 30" stand-on. The XT5 is gentle on turf & does a super/safe job. Yet we use a 30" stand-on for large/open areas. Many lawns are "not firm", so I have to be very careful with the stand-on. Go slow sometimes & always be conscience where the soft/tender/wet areas are. This means watching behind you to see if you find yourself causing turf damage or not pulling deep enough plugs, etc. Been using the stand-on for just over 3 weeks. Most lawns have 3 conditions (all in one lawn). 1) Hard/dry areas. 2) Soft/wet areas. 3) Average areas. I wish the depth control knob was on the right, but that's just me.
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    On golf courses we had areas that were perennially wet that we marked then aerated around, working toward the soft spots one machine width at a time until it was too risky to continue. 2-3 days later we would go back and do the areas we had skipped. Aerating around them definitely helped dry them up. I understand his isn't practical for most LCOs.

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