Stand-on Mowers....why?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wayne Offiler, Oct 5, 2000.

  1. Wayne Offiler

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    While looking at new 52"ZTR's, the dealer tried to steer me to the Wright Stander. A 52" with 20 Hp B&S Vanguard would run me $5599. I can see where they would be very maneuverable and not take up much room on the trailer, but other than that, why woculd I want to stand when I could sit?
    Who is "sold" on these, and what are the advantages?
  2. Turf Kutter

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    I would rather sit when it comes to a price like that.
  3. Eric ELM

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    From what I've seen of them, they aren't as stable going up a steep hill, as a sit down ZTR is. I wasn't very impressed with them at a demo at an open house last spring.
  4. LakewoodLawnCare

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    I wouldn't get a standing mower at all! They look so unsafe. I would feel like i was going to tip back on a hill. There is this guy in my town i talked to who has one and loves it, but i still wouldn't. They are expensive and you could get something better like a Scag Tiger Cub or a Exmark Lazer Z HP for the same or a little more. I would go with one of those.
    Talbott Baldwin
    CEO- LakewoodLawnCare
  5. LJ lawn

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    From what i was told ,the stander type mowers reduce the shocks your lower back and kidneys incur while sitting.I have also heard they are very good on the hills.I wouldn't buy one because it has a fixed deck.You can't adjust them instantly like a regular ztr.Although,great dane makes one the "SUPER SURFER" i heard they got sued by wright big time for stealing the idea.Also can't hook up a vacuume kit for leaves.
  6. Guest
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    just wanted you to know they have some great vac units for those great danes,i use one called a quik vac it works great,and as far as going up and down hills they work great(im not saying i never flipped mine)but they do take up less room and they are fast,but i think there are alot of great mowers out the it just depends on what works for you,so try them all and im sure you will find one that feels good .

  7. Poplen

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    I would think that the stand on is a great replacement for a 52" wb/sulky than a replacement for a ztr. Much faster and manuverable than the wb/sulkie combo. I purchased a Super Surfer because of the price diff between it and a 52" chariot jr($700). The 48" 19kaw sit down ztr was apprx $6500 before tax, the surfer 52" 22kol was $5800. This is my third year in business and much prefer working smarter than harder. My 1st year was alot harder with a wb if you know what I mean. Right now I'm trying to decide what to replace the wb with, ztr/tractor.

  8. tpirobert

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    Why Stand-On?

    Well, I bought a Wright -Stander( 61" ) this Spring and am very pleased with it. I also have a 52" Toro Z. I have put the Stander on everything the Z handles with no problem. I do mow some very challenging hills here in the mountains of western N.C.. The Stander is a little slower in travel speed, but is plenty fast over lawns. I use the Stander 90% of time now. My part-time helper rides on Z. Test out every option you can before buying and get what you're comfortable with. There are alot more pros and cons, but the sun is up and my butt needs to get to that first job. Oh, my 61"Stander w/ 23hp Kaw. cost $6,000. A good deal for that size cut and hp.

    MRPLOW LawnSite Member
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    Well its also a lot easier to get on and off compared to a rider, which saves time every time you have to stop and pick something up off a lawn. As for hills I have no yards with hills so I can't comment. I will say that it is very stable and I don't know how anyone could ever flip one espically with the wheelie bar. The only time I've ever used the wheelie wheels is when purposely doing a wheelie! Mine was about the same price as a hydro walkbehind and I believe it is a much better deal. Wright Stander $4300.00 for a 52 inch with 16HP B&S is what I paid for mine.
  10. mdb landscaping

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    hey LJLAWN> you can put a vacuum kit on a great dane super surfer. check out trac-vacs web site

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