Stand-On Mowers: Wright 36" RH vs. Toro Grandstand vs. Exmark Vantage

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by SCAR, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. SCAR

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    Hello Community,

    Just signed on to the site, however, I've checked in on occasion when looking for knowledge.

    I am replacing my Toro 36" walk behind mowers with stand on mowers. I'm staying with 36" decks. My 3 options are WRIGHT, TORO, & EXMARK. I have rode all three in the parking lots of the dealers.

    If you have knowledge or useful experience with any of these three brands, I'd like your option. If you are using another brand or have an option concerning anything else, I don't need to know about it.

    I'm really interested in the ride quality of the WRIGHT. It does not have the suspension platform. I was told they do not offer it on the 36."

    Thanks in advance for your help and GOOD advice.
  2. Leland Lawn

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    Just a heads up, a 36" stander will not be half the machine on a hill that you knew you're walk behind was. They are more top heavy, and since they aren't wide at all stability is minimal.

    In my area with all of the hills that we have, I would stick with a 36" hydro WB or get a bigger stander.

    As for brand recommendation, Toro. They have the same quality on the grand stand throughout all the their sizes, but I would only buy from them if you have a good dealer nearby.
  3. kawakx125

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    I have a 36'' wright RH, it's a pretty rough ride, but not unbearable. it is fine going up and down hills but side ways or turning on them just doesn't work very well. that'll be an issue with any 36'' stander. the wright probably has a bit more hillside stability due to the operator being lower and directly between the wheels. it's definitely no walk behind but it's great for large flat backyards with small gates or places with tons of obstacles
  4. Mikeyd

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    I have a 36' Vantage. I like it but I'm wishing I had a 36' TT. All my yards are flat. My issue is that with the combination of my weight and the mower it's just to heavy for the 36' foot print. We are well into the Summer so it's not so bad , but in the Spring or when the ground was a bit saturated it rutted bad. I think It comes in close to 790lbs. Add my 250ibs on top and you can see my point. This isn't a jab at Exmark, I'm sure if I was 80lb lighter the handling would be different.

    The striping on the TT IMO is also tons better than the Vantage. I even had the dealer check the rake with me standing on my 36'. Don't get me wrong it stripes well, but not like a WB.

    The Vantage on the other hand is like a race car compared to the TT with plenty of power to spare. You will fly though the yards much quicker than the TT. So if timing and efficiency is your thing maybe the StandOn?

    LOL...I'm actually talking to my dealer about some options on how I can get into a TT without taking a bath on my Vantage. Anyone near Indianapolis looking for a 36' Vantage? It's got 26.2 hours on it and was purchased new in the Spring?

    BTW...I also have a 52' Vantage and love it.

  5. GrassKing2015

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    What is a TT? Is that a Toro?
  6. LawnGuy73

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    The Wright RH models are garbage!

  7. gulfjoe

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    Turf Tracer, Its an Exmark WB
  8. Patriot Services

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    Great argument for models that have a fold up platform.
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  9. Patriot Services

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    Any specific complaints? Ride? Cut? Color yellow rub you the wrong way? Outside of being a bit hard to learn how to drive for a new guy and a bloated price I loved my Wrights for years.
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  10. PicturePerfectLawns

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    No doubt, but he's from the south. We don't have many hills in the South, especially like ya'll have in the North. Besides, Oklahoma is known as "Land of flat, fertile plains and low hills. "

    As for the options, owning 4 different brand standers, two being listed as options, I prefer the Grandstand out of your options. Why? It handles great and cuts better than the Wright. Knowing your location, I doubt your cutting all weeklies, indeed some bi-weeklies. If your cutting Bi-weeklies in your route, the Grandstand, if your cutting all weeklies, the tightly baffled Ex Mark. Anything other than weekly the Grandstand will cut better. I know you said your not interested in any other options, but I have to mention there are a lot of Gravely dealers in Oklahoma, and out of owning (4) different brand standers, the Gravely 36 Pro Stance is the best in my opinion biased on experience, not opinion. 48" and bigger the V-Ride owns the Standers.
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