Stand-On Mowers: Wright 36" RH vs. Toro Grandstand vs. Exmark Vantage

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by SCAR, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Matt Shannon

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    Most of my customers have a mix of weeds and grass. Although now that I think about it some of the customers I have that have good quality grass it has better results. My Theory is on that, is if it's a full yard of grass all the blades continue to stick up, where are the weeds kind of lay down a little and spring up whenever they want
  2. whammer33024

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    he means where are you located? warm grasses? cool season grasses? that's going to have a major effect on cut quality
  3. Matt Shannon

    Matt Shannon LawnSite Member
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    O... I'm in Virginia Beach, VA. Cutting season usually starts around May and continue through to October.
  4. Patriot Services

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    I would still go with the Wright. The GS is a good machine but I see 20 Wrights for every GS on trailers. You didnt say but the Wright bags, mulches and discharges great with appropriate kit and blades. High lifts work almost too good. We would get a sandstorm on dry, sparse yards.
  5. Matt Shannon

    Matt Shannon LawnSite Member
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    How well does your Wright do when the grass is wet? How well does it do with a mulch kit? How well does it do with tall grass?
  6. Patriot Services

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    We mulched exclusively with ours. They will take 6" of wet, thick SA or Bermuda grass in a single pass easily. We kept one unit without a mulch kit. It had an accelerator grass catcher we used for leaves and cleanups. It akso got used on 2ft tall overgrown yards. It does great taking half passes and doubling. It will do fine for you as your daily mower. You might also consider the Sport I model. Standing all day gets old. This model is best of both worlds.

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  7. Matt Shannon

    Matt Shannon LawnSite Member
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    Again thank you for helping and thank you for your time.
    I also had to keep in mind that I will be trying to get into doing commercial properties this year, so I need it to be real good quality cut.
    Well to be honest with you. I like the idea of standing up. It's easier to jump off and grab trash or move something, it helps me not be so lazy lol. When you say half passes does that mean after you do one strip, the second pass is half of the 1st strip and half of a new strip? Or is that just in high grass? I really don't like having to do two passes on it like that. That's what my Hustler Raptor does now, I want something that cuts perfect on the first strip and I can move right on to the next strip instead of going over previous strip again. And when you say grass catcher are you talking about and regular bagging system like you see on most riding mowers are you talkin about that cage type thing.
  8. Turf Tracer

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    New Vantage caller Straris you standing between the wheels. Picking up the 44" Spring. Looks like a winner from pics.

    Wright builds rock solid mowers but hated their 36 and 32 Standers. Terrible on slopes of any kind and had to take turns at turtle pace or do 3 points all the time or would rut. This true of all 32 and 36 Standers Ive run.
  9. Matt Shannon

    Matt Shannon LawnSite Member
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    Is it really that powerful like in the video? Is there really going to be that much of a power difference? If it's that powerful than I've been working my ass off for 4 years with my mower, My 36" Hustler Raptor would take about 10 mins to do one strip. I've got a lot of properties that I could have made a bunch of money off if I could cut like that.
  10. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    Since were bringing up a 4 year old thread I will chime in for the OP. I'm in Chesapeake not to far from you so are grasses are similar. I've ran toro grandstands and now currently running gravely prostance due to crappy dealer support. I have no complaints on the gravely it cuts great, doesnt clump wet grass or leave stragglers. We also use it for leaf cleanups with good results. Now, there aren't many dealers out our way selling gravelys so my second choice for you would be a scag vride2. They also cut great and dont clump and should do quite well for our area local variety of grasses.

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