Stand On vs. Mid Mount

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lobsiger, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. lobsiger

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    looking at new mowers. Very interested in the stand-ons like Wright and Everride, but I don't see many around my parts or have I seen many comments here.

    Other mowers considered are the Tiger Cub and Exmark HP. Lots of beds and trees that I have to mow around. Use a Kubota compact tractor with a 60" belly mower for the bulk of mowing then convert over to 21" honda for the trim. Thoughts/Comments? Thanks
  2. alot2lurn

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    I cant say about the stander . I would have to assume there would be more fatigue involved with a stander than a ztr . On the other hand you can use your body as a counter weight on a stander and if you get into a rollover situation you can just step off . You mentioned trimming , I have a Tiger Cub 48" I just put a mulch plate on it , it works great I have to mow a little slower to maintain a clean cut in tall grass but the trimming time it saves me more than makes up for it . Also I honestly think my stripes are more defined since I've installed the the mulch plate . Demo as many as you can man .
  3. gardenkeeper88

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    What size and type are the lawns, Com. or res. I have 2 great dane stand ons (48& 52) and 1 hustler z (52) Most of my accounts are res and I like the stand ons better. If I had large areas to mow the z would be the way to go. I've had customers thank me for not putting my big mower on their lawn (ha ha) really not much size diff. As far as jumping off in a bad situation, well that may protect you from a rollover but also remember the presence safty switch will shut the engine off if you are not on the platform or the emer. brake is not set. But I love my danes they are so much better than my toro WB were. NO comparison. I would contact the dealers and try a demo of each one on a couple of your lawns. Use both on the same lawn so u canreally compare. Good luck.
  4. lobsiger

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    I tried a stander and a couple of ztr's. Looking like it will be the ztr, most likely a Tiger Cub. it is almost as small as a stander, very little difference. Trim ability were about the same. Only real difference is the ability to get on and off quickly. shop guys say they didn't care much to work on the standers as the motor and stuff were harder to get to. Dealer support for the ZTR's is better here as there is only a couple of guys carrying the standers. thanks for your input.

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