Stand up rider, Pricing best deal?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by blair smock, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. blair smock

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    Stand up rider, Pricing best deal?

    Hi guys, thinking about equipment for next year, what is the priced stand up rider out there. I have seen several makes, John deere and Great Dane but have never looked into pricing one out -Prefer 38-48” range? Thanks Blair
  2. txlawnking

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    Blair, check out both Deere's and GD's websites. I believe both list MSRP's, as well as Wright's ( maker of the Stander and Sentar)..

    As for which mower to get, unless you get an absolute screaming deal and aren't worried about parts availability, avoid a Great Dane like the plauge.. I have one..I paid $4500 for it, and that's the only reason I have it ( 22hp/52" cut machine new for $4500 was an awesome deal IMO)

    I will be demoing a 32" Stander when they come out, sounds like just what I need for gated prop's..

    As to the JD machine, I believe the 7iron deck may allevieate the main problem I have with my Surfer.. A bad deck design.
  3. Big Wes

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    If your properties have a lot of trees you might want to consider a Z instead, You're gonna have to duck under a lot of limbs in some cases. JMHO :)

    I demoed one once(Great Dane) it had a mulching kit on it. I found that alot of debris came out in front of the deck and hit you in the face while operating it. I didn't care much for it personally..
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    Wright (Stander) has good winter time price deals.......see their web site.....


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