Standard Colors


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Providence, RI
Just wondering how many of you "Pros" stay primarily with one color or one format for your LCO, such as , truck, uniforms, business cards, stationary etc.

Randy Scott

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Two of three trucks are white, hopefully the third will be white later this year or early next. All lettered the same. Enclosed trailer is white with lettering as well.

All employees wear tan/khaki pants/shorts with white t-shirts and ash sweatshirts/sweatshirt jackets. Everybody and everything is co-ordinated. Nothing less!!

All business cards, stationary, etc. all have logo as is on trucks and clothing.

It's called "association by recognition". Marketing guru's say a potential client needs to see or here your name/logo nine times before calling your company. I don't know where or how they get this info, that's just what they tell me. Maybe it's their way of conning us into more advertising. :rolleyes:


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yup, stay with red and navy blue colors.


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Vancouver, WA
I use dark green trucks with white lettering, black trailers with white lettering and bright yellow shirts with green lettering.

I switched to the bright yellow shirts from green for two reasons; 1) Yellow is the first color the eye recognizes 2) the safety factor involved, we are more noticeable. I'm thinking of incorporating more yellow into logo as it's a bright and cheery color.


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Northwest WA
All our trucks are yellow with green lettering. We all wear green coveralls with the yellow logo front and back (we're a spray company, not mowers). Business cards, stationary, lawn flags, etc. all have it. Try to give potential customers the same thing over and over. Each time they see it they're reminded they need to call you.