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Standard lawn care book

J Berry

LawnSite Member
I was wondering if there is a book out that covers
some very basic lawn care methods, ie. How to stripe,
trimming methods, blade sharping, measuring lawns, how to measure areas most effiently and any other general topics

Thanks for any info
Grass Tender's Lawn Service


LawnSite Platinum Member
I don't know of any book. But you can pretty much get all that info right here. Maybe compile your own book!


LawnSite Gold Member
I got some when I first started at Lowes. There is some prety good info in them but the internet is full of information on turf related subjects. Read some of the old posts on this forum, it's probably been covered.


LawnSite Silver Member
Print out all the pages here and you got the best book you could ever find, and its FREE!! WOoooooHOooooo!!

There are plenty of posts on every subject you mentioned, just do a search and you'll find a bunch!