Standard Sales Procedures and New Ideas

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    In 2004 I found great success with my first standard sales precedure and my rate of return was above eighty percent! That's still shocking to me because my previous three year rate was less than fifty! And I charged fifty to sixty per estimate hour, and came in early on most jobs. So the idea of a standard procedure is instilled in my mission.

    I created a collection of four peices of paper, all with my letterhead that would give the customer info about my service. The first is a personal bio and small business history. Next was a detailed written specification of my leaf services and options for customers to choose that customers were asked to sign upon acceptance. Next I gave customers a bold sheet saying "Thanks for the opportunity" and please refer up to your neighbors if you're happy. Last are a copy of my business license and insurance. I just stuck this into a manilla folder, showed and explained every piece and gave this to the customer to keep. I always introduce myself and say a customers name upon greeting and compliment thier home. After every meeting I say "if you're interested or have any question please give me a call" . This worked fantastic.

    I am getting out of the maintenance business now that I've gotten good! Ironic kind of! I am going to do the same process for the landscaping services and I wonder about who else is doing this, what types of pictures: printed, on laptop screen, or developed, that they use? And how good their success has been? I'm sure that my rate will go down as I get into larger jobs where I'm not overly qualified but I'd like to see how well the best salesman are and how good I am. My services this year are going to start out as aeration and renovations, garden tilling, mulching, bush trimming, topsoil and then I'll move up to retaining walls. Next I'd go after paver patios, irrigation systems, plantings, fences, decks and pools. So what are some ideas and your success stories?

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