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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PicturePerfectLawns, Aug 30, 2014.

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    My Great Dane 52" stander is an amazing machine and one if my best investments. I cut mowing time from 40 min to 27 min on one lawn over a 36" hustler ZTR. I know that it could be just chalked up to a bigger deck, but the time saved in trimming has also helped.

    One thing to consider about the wb vs stander thing is: was the wb a hydro or belt drive? I had a 36" belt drive wb and I hated it. It wastes time having to change gears and put it in reverse and all that crap. Now I have a 36" eXmark Viking hydro wb and it's awesome. Instant reverse and great controls make for a nimble machine. Just something to consider.

    I do love standers. Just wish I had a 52" ZTR and a 36" stander lol.
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    I've been through numerous. Kind of like racing dirt-bikes and cars growing up. I was always finding something to tweak to be more efficient or "faster." As far as debt, I don't touch credit cards. I'm not the one that wants a 52" ZTR, so I go to the dealer and put it on 0% financing. If I want a 54" Stander Mower, it's because I worked hard to put cash in the bank, and the mower is being paid for cash. So to answer your question, I don't owe $0.99 cents on any of my equipment. As far as tearing up the turf, I touched on this earlier. I found out the stander will tear it up, just as you mentioned. But I also found out if you take your time learning to operate them and operate them correctly, they won't tear up anymore turf then my walk behind would and I've pretty much mastered that in a few days. :laugh:
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    I hear you on the stander. I was comparing to my 36" Hydro Walk Behind. I winded up deciding to keep a 36" wb just in case I wind up needing it for a ditch or major hill or something. However, the standers seem to be much more efficient and much less fatiguing. I think I'm finally happy with my equipment set-up and will be done buying equipment for a while.

    My current set up is as follows;

    54" Stander
    36" Stander
    36" Hydro WB (Sits in garage)
    21" Honda. (Sits in garage besides one day.)
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    The SWZT isn't a good "ditch mower" it's not really built for that, it's built for manicured residential lawns.
    Every 'negative' the nay sayers were talking about will rear it's ugly head if you try to use it as a ditch/rough cut mower.
    Frame/deck/hydros and even the steering set up are just not designed for that.

    That's why scag still makes (and probably always will) the standard, fixed deck SWZ. Thats what it does best (and it still leaves a better cut that the velocity decks, albeit, non adjustable)

    Don't use that SWZT in ditches it won't last you very long.
    You might consider selling it if you've got two standers now.
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    I didn't mean for "ditch" mowing. :laugh: Two of my lawns have ditches (Grass ditches) that have banks that I found out the stander won't handle. That SWZT handles them VERY well. Note, I'm not talking about rough mowing ditches. I'm speaking of manicured grass ditches. :laugh:
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    On a 1 acre approx property,my sons 52" grandstand out cuts my 61" Ferris 3100 due to the fact that it IS smaller and I have to use a 21" push mower in some of the areas he can use the 52".About 25 minutes quicker.

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