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stander-mowers everybody loves them BUT...


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central Missouri
I never hear much about the stander-mowing units. I did a search and found lots of posts and pretty much there is little bad said about them. Everybody loves them. This is where I am confused and apprehensive because I don’t see them much and don’t hear about them much and if they were so great why are the major equipment makers not making similar models and all you guys don’t have one.

I have seen them used in Kansas City. I want to know what people like about them. Also what are the cons why are they not more popular. I don’t want to hear about the argument about standing versus riding, (I Like riding on my Pro-slide) both options have their advantages.

They look really compact and easy to get around for residential accounts. Tell me what why you use them or don’t use the standing units like Wright stander. I am thinking about getting one unless you tell me different. (I wont be able to demo one because to far away and that is a con #1)

Also has does its production compare with a ZTR or my Hydro walk-behind in residential lawns?

Here is some stuff I know.

Less space on trailer
Great on hills

Tree limbs watch out. (Same for ZTR and walk-behinds)
Fewer dealers
What about the controls? (I am used to pistol grips.)
No floating deck (I like floating decks)



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A2, Michigan
I don't have one, but a lot of the bigger companies in town have gone to the standers. I see them everywhere. Personally, I like the looks of the controls. Not a big pistol grip fan.


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washington DC
I believe the reason most manfactures dont make them are the patents Wright has on its mower. I think in order for another lawn mower manufacture to make a stander style mower, they would have to design it around the patents, which would lose most of the benefits that a Wright Stander has.


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I have owned two, a 36" that was stolen and a 48" I still have. I liked the 36, but the 48 is twice the machine. I have fewer scalping problems with the 48 than the 36. I say problems, there really is no scalping with the 48 after a few hours on it. I mow bermuda almost exclusively, which scalps much more easily than the cool seasons and still have no problems. The 48 has a higher ground speed also. The controls are great, they operate just like a ztr. This is one area I think the Stander definitely beats the super surfer. The SS has no bar to steady your hands on so it is much more difficult to control. A very productive, compact machine. Now for the cons. You stand 6" higher than a walkbehind so low branches that weren't a problem before are now. You WILL smack your head on one or two you never have before until you get used to it. Now for my biggest complaint, the deck. It doesn't mulch well at all. Side discharge is great with doubles, but forget mulching bermuda with more than 3 days growth. I would love to see a redesigned deck on these mowers. Would I buy one again, not without demoing a hustler w/b first. Whichever was better would be my choice. This is the only other mower under 60" I would even consider. This has been long, but you asked for it.:D


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Great Dane has a stander that has a deck that can be easily adjusted. It can be raised or lowered like most zero turns. I had problems with my Dane Chariot. Their stander may or may not have problems. You may want to ask about this particular unit. I sent an email to Wright and asked why they did not make an adjustable deck and if there were plans on making one in the future. Their answer was no.

Mac V2.0

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Mid OH
Its been said before that no one else makes these types since Wright MFG has the patents on this syle of machine. Great Danes design has to comply with Wrights specifications, and therefore is not alowed to be anywhere close in performance. Dane actually liscenses their design from wright under strict guidelines that make their machine pretty lame.

Machines side discharge well, and are prime for residential accounts.

Controls are exactly like those on a ztr.

scott's turf

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I chose to buy a Exmark lazer hp over a stander for the following reasons:
Stander did not have a floating deck and would get hung up on the trailer ramp almost every time I unloaded. Could not track straight, controls were so sensitive and hard on the hands. Maybe it takes some time to learn but I had the controls down on the exmark in no time. Burned my shins a few times on the hyro pumps. Going uphills the stander was as good as my laser but going down hills was much much worse. The stander would lose traction very easliy. Can't get under tree branches as easily. Exmark has a better vac system.

Things I like about the stander: Doesn't take up much trailer space and is cheaper than a sit down Z.

Lux Lawn

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Cleveland Ohio
I own a Great Dane SS 52in 23hp kaw. and love it will be buying another one in the spring.I like the Great Dane better, with the adjustable deck over the Wright.Less trailer space is true so is hitting your head on the low branches, steep hills can be a little tricky also.But it sure beats a w/b with a sulky any day.I know you said you didn't want to hear this but on same lawns my customers don't want to see me sitting down.


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Spring Hill, FL
If you prefer a floating deck then get yourself a Sentar. The deck is adjustable in 1/4 in increments while moving. I have a 61" with a 25 Kawi. Best machine I've ever owned. It's compact and very maneuverable, cuts well at speed and has the option to sit OR stand. By the way, the seat has about 8 inches of travel so it is extreamely comfortable to ride all day.


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We use the Wright standers and the Sentars. We all prefer the standers. Except for deck height adjustment...We use 52" standers and they are very versatile. As far as hills are concerned, I like them just for the fact that I can Jump off if needed. Once you use them a while and learn throttle control down the hills, its not a big deal. If I was going to buy a new mower tomorrow, it would be a stander...