Stander on hills


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I am curious how the Standers do on hills? The dealer said they were awesome. I know a ztr isn't great to go down hill on, how about the standers?


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Standers are a bit better on the hills lower center of gravity. One you get the hang of a zero you can take most hills safely. On steep hills sometimes its better to go side to side and sometimes going up and backing down works for me.


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a wright stander zk is the best for hills, most of the 48" + are good but not amazing, and the 36" decks are ok, but not good.
For moderate hills there is no replacement for a walk behind. Nothing comes close.
We run scag v rides. They do just fine on hills.
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I have a 36 V-Ride as well. I removed the two factory installed weight plates as well as the big pad to lighten the mower by about 80 lbs. It's better on hills now but my Scag 36 SWZU is better and much safer on steep hills.

With a WB you can keep most of the weight on the rear tires on a cross cut. With the V-Ride and other similar mowers the mower has more weight on the nose of the mower and gravity just wants to turn the nose down the hill. Or the mower would dangerously start to slide down the hill on downward cuts.

Some hills you can mow up and down but many times you have to cross cut. I've mowed hills with a steep approach that didn't allow mowing up and down.

Personally I prefer to mow up and down so the weight of the mower doesn't shift to the down hill tire and cause ruts. But sometimes you have to mow along fences and other objects where you have to cross cut.