Stander RH Deck lift upgrade.

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    Today I had the E-clip the front pivot mount break off, it didn't simply slip off. I almost went end over end when the deck dug into the ground.

    Anyway I was going to wait until the end of the cutting season, but the pivot points, especially the large ones have so much play it's becoming a real issue, and is likely the cause of the pin busting off. Now do I have to pay for all the new parts to have this defect repaired? or is this a recall issue like Toro had with the Grand Stands. The mowers has 110 hours on it.

    This is the same mower with all the deck issues, you guys were kind enough to replace the deck and all of those issues have been rectified with the new deck. I was pleased Wrght took care of the deck issue, however this mower is still costing me money and down time on a regular basis, It's a very poorly designed mower IMHO and never should have been put on the market with this many design flaws.:nono:

    I would like to handle this issue promptly if possible.

    Andre Kaufman.
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    Has the mower been to the dealer to have the system looked at?

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    Wright Mfg.
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    Yes when the new deck was installed. Honestly I don't care for the mechanic at Dewar, "Steve" the quality of his work and his attention to detail is poor. I talked to him about the issue and he knew nothing about the lift system. I have the feeling they simply don't want to mess with my mower anymore, and I honestly can't blame them.

    I've also noticed the left front mount on the new deck is not quite in the right spot and the connecting bar has to be bent to fit the upper pin where the E clip broke.

    At this point I want somewone from Wright to look at the mower, or take it back to have the engineers look at it. I honestly have nothing good to say about the mower. I do like the Kaw engine, it's been perfect, same with the hydro system, the rest of the mower has sadly been unreliable to say the least. I honestly feel like I gave away $6,000 and got nothing in return. I've been polite as I can about all this, but I can't help but call my poor mower a piece of junk.

    Whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

    Andre Kaufman.

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