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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hootsma, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Hootsma

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    Currently we have about 50 residential accounts (1/4 to 1/2 acre) that we are cutting with a 36" snapper w/b with sulky. The mower is about 5 years old and we are ready to move up. We want to increase production and efficiency, but we are limited to 36" because 16 of our 50 accounts have gates and we only want to carry one mower. All grass is St Augustine (mostly floratam, but some palmetto). It is getting extremely thick and tall and difficult to cut on a weekly basis. The snapper is blocked off and we run gator blades w/o a mulching kit. It leaves a mess, especially when we come off the grass onto conrete because of the 4" lip under the front of the deck. Makes blowing a killer.

    All the research I have done on this site and others is pushing us towards Wright Stander or Sentar. I'm a little leary of the Stander because of the fixed deck. We definately need to be able to go from 3" to 4". Although Wright does not list it in their products list, they do make a 36" Sentar.

    Are there any other differences between the Sentar and Stander besides the seat and the floating deck?

    Is the seat permanently removable from the Sentar, so that it is essentially a Stander with a floating deck?

    Does anyone have any detailed specs on the two (such as weight, actual width, tire size, speed....)

    Can anyone recommend a blade configuration that can handle thick St. Augustine grass without double cutting and/or have to blow the entire grassed area to disperse clippings?

    I have called the closest Wright dealer and they don't do demos. What kind of crap is that :realmad: They don't have any in stock right now either.

    I may have to drive up the road a ways to find a demo model.

    Anyone in the Jax area with a Stander or Sentar looking for some free help for half a day, I will be more than happy to cut a few of your props with your Wright. I guess I should ask how much different the controls are from the belted Snapper to the Wright before I offer to wreck your properties for free :rolleyes:

    Thanks for any input. Spending 5 grand makes me awfully nervous. I just want to make sure I am getting the most bang for the buck.

  2. Hootsma

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    Also, does anyone have any quantifiable data on how much more efficient the 36" Stander/Sentar is vs a 36" w/b? How much time will paying twice the price save me?
  3. LightningLawns

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    I started out with a 36 snapper belt drive, then I bought a brand new 36 stander and cut my mowing time in half. It is very easy to change the height on the stander takes about 30 seconds to change height. They have very low maintance, I'd get a stander before I would get a sentar, the stander is much easier to control. If you can use a pistol grip walk behing you can use a stander.
  4. PTP

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    I have used the 36" stander but don't have any sentar experience.

    The deck height is definitly easier to change on the sentar. But you might be able to do what you need with the stander if you move all of the spacers up or down. Other than that, I think that the stander is the better machine.

    The sentar is really designed for sitting. You cannot comfortably operate the controls from the standing position - they are too low. With the stander, you can shift your weight around for the hills and it works really well. The stander speed is about 6 mph.

    The stander is a very fast machine for small yards. I can go along a fence and clear the posts by 1" at full speed. The maneuverability is great. I can't say for sure but I bet that I can mow a property just as fast with my 36" stander as someone else could with a 48" with sulky.
  5. jtkplc

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    get the stander over the sentar. i have used both a 52 and 61 stander and 61 sentar and the sentars are a dumb design in my opinion. they cut good and go 11mph, but you don't put a bicycle seat on a lawn mower, come on. the sentars ride very rough because you are sitting behind the unit and essentially are catapulted over every bump. it does a toll on your back after a while. i also don't like the control on the sentar, they are harder to push and they don't come back to neutral very fast, you can let go of them and the machine will slowly slow down. even if you do take the seat off, the controls are too low to use like a stander, they will hurt your wrists after a while because of the position your hands have to be in in order to control the machine. im pretty sure the stander is shorter then the sentar, i know the ones i've used are much longer than the stander, which means you could get a stander in much tighter places then a sentar. if you're running a 36" unit, how important is a floating deck? i can't comment on the heigh adjustment on the stander because i have never done it or seen it done.
  6. logan

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    I too bought a 36 stander last year. It replaced my belt drive with a sulky. I was able to pick up 20 more lawns with the time savings it gave me. I think I could mow just as fast as a 48 wb with sulky, maybe even a 52 wb without a sulky. It is bad to the bone!
  7. Itsgottobegreen

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    32", 36", or 42" Stander + small compact yards = A heck of a lot extra time to do more work.

    The stander is the baddest thing on the planet when it comes to small compact properties. I can put my 52" standers on tiny postage stamp lawns and still be productive. Its the only thing I will buy from now on.
  8. MTR

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    itsgotobegreen, you makes me itch even more now on that 52/23 Stander!
    Do they have 25 kawi on that 52" deck?
  9. Itsgottobegreen

    Itsgottobegreen LawnSite Silver Member
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    Just read my signature line:
    52" Wright Stander-17hp
    52" Wright Stander-19hpE
    52" Wright Stander-25hpE
    Can you say O BABY :D on the 25hp compared to my 17hp.

    I think a 42" stander would be the best choice for you. Since it still can get in the gates, but mow a lot of grass.
  10. GLC51

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    Don't have specific knowledge of sentar or the warm season grass you have. I recently traded in my 20hp Toro 44" hydro in and got a 32" Stander. No way I would go back. The toro had a tru trac sulky which allowed you to do zero turns but had to many drawbacks. I time all my cuts and the Stander is giving me much better time on all the lawns I use it on except the one, the largest one and the time is equal. I think that is because I have to cut under a lot of trees. Because the front end doesn't stick out as far as a walk behind you can't get as far in under the trees. Like the others that have the Stander they are more productive than a wb with a sulky, and are a blast to use. One of the large local outfits has 7 of them now and the dealer said they had traded in their last two 48" Toros with only a couple hundred hours on them and were using the Stander exclusively. I have also made up a chain striping rig for it and works quite well. It's a drag you can't demo one, it does take a bit of time to get used to the way it handles compared to a wb it's really agile and can get into tighter spots than awb with a sulky. Good luck. :waving:

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