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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawncare3, Jan 28, 2003.

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    Anyone used/demoed the greatdane supersurfer and/or the wright stander. What are your opinions or dislikes for these machines. Thank you,
  2. Standers:

    Short wheelbase: Stander type machines are tricky on slopes. If you're careful, they do pretty well going side to side. But the short wheelbase really takes the weight off the rear (drive) wheels when you're going down hill, causing them to slide and tear the turf. Another effect of the short wheelbase is a bumpy ride. On the good side, the compact size lets them fit in VERY tight spaces. And being able to "pop a wheely" under control has come in handy many more times than I would have imagined.

    Fixed Deck: I was surprised to see the fixed deck cut much better than a floating deck. But going over obsticles like curbs, trailer ramps, etc., would be easier if you could raise the deck. It would also be nice if the back of the deck had a straight plate to mount a striping plate.

    Great Dane (John Deere):

    Operator Controls: These machines did not feel as comfortable as the Stander. The standing plate was too short for my feet, so I could either jam my knees into the padding, or hang my feet off the back. The control levers were not as user-friendly. Your body type may not have these problems.

    Floating Deck: This is the converse of the fixed deck on the Stander. Easy to adjust, but scalped cuts. I didn't check on the striping kit.
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    What Bluesteel said is right.

    We have the Great Dane SuperSurfer along with mid-mount ZTRs (other brands).
    The Surfer is good on hills going sideways and OK going up the hill if it is not too steep. The operator needs to be trained on the unit and feel comfortable.
    The Surfer does a great cut and is faster than the Bobcat ZTRs that we have.
    The ride is a little bumpy and standing takes a little getting used to after sitting on the ZTR. Give it about a week and you will love it.

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