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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fwilamosky, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Fwilamosky

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    I went looking around and saw that the price of standers are almost the price of zero turns, even top brand (scag, exmark, etc).

    So this is my question who would pick a stander of a zero and why and also who would pick a zero over a stander and why?:dizzy:
  2. stonebridge

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    i have a dixie chopper 60'' and a toro grandstand 52'' i have a few big yards 2+ acres but most of the are regular residential yards. i love my stander the best. it can go in places where some zero turns cant go. i have about 20 jobs i could use my 60'' but then you have to go to a walkbehind or a stander to finish in the ditchs, slopes,tight spots,what have yah. the same yards i can use my 52'' toro and do them all without changing mowers. i plan on buying a 60'' toro stander hopefully this year. i don't buy new, a used on with under 250 hours sell in the 5k range. overall standers are the best bang for your buck, depending on what your mowing.i love mine
  3. cpllawncare

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    I can tell you you're not going to be mowing ditches with a stander, matter of fact not many hills at all with a stander, if it is your only mower go with the z-turn.
  4. weeze

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    i mow all the ditches with my ztr as well as steep hills. the only hill i can't mow with it is part of a hill where i can barely stand well enough to use the trimmer on it so it's really steep. i don't have a stander but i think they are overpriced. to me if a sit down ztr is 10k a stander should be 5k not 7k or more. that's just my opinion.
  5. unkownfl

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    Stander is way safer especially here where retaining walls (seawalls basically) are normal to run across. Both can usually handle about the same hills I just know I can jump off the back of a stander and not get pinned under it in the water and drown. Also, standers are more compact. My 48 is 58.5 inches long about 2 ft shorter than a standard sit down. I don't have to climb all over my trailer to get on my mower to sit down I can walk right up the gate and right onto the mower and go. I can get off or pick up trash easily in the next pass without much effort. I can also kick stuff out of the way like balls etc without having to stop the mower. I can mow under trees without having to put myself under the tree and get scratched up. They can turn around in small back yards with less of a foot print.
  6. unkownfl

    unkownfl LawnSite Gold Member
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    Another thing I can do is actually watch both sides of the deck at the same time without having to concentrate on one side only. This leads to less damages and less overlap resulting in more production.
  7. ringahding

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    The only reason I have given this any real consideration is trailer space. I prefer the sit on BUTT mowers, since I am getting up there(41) Terrible choice for any of you thinking about using these for clean ups. Look at used if you are new to the game.
  8. aaron79mowing

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    I have never used a stander but I have heard that they are actually more comfortable and easier on your body than a ztr is. The theory is that your knees are your bodies natural suspension as opposed to your butt. I talked to a gravely rep who swore I'd feel better at the end of the day when using a stander instead of a ztr.
  9. yardguy28

    yardguy28 LawnSite Platinum Member
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    first off i will point out that all stander mowers are zero turn.

    we should change the words we use when talking about mowers. just saying a ztr does NOT mean a sit down mower.

    hydro walkbehinds are zero turn, sit down mowers are zero turn and standers are zero turn.

    so if the questions is why pick a sit down over a stander or vise versa i can answer that.

    i've used both and can say the stander is much more convienent and i feel saves a small amount of time on each property.

    i can get off the stander much faster than the sit down when i need to move an object, empty a grass catcher, etc. with the sit down i have to engage the parking break for the engine to keep running if i get off the seat. the stander i can just hop off. plus to hop off the stander is more quicker than "climbing" off the sit down.

    a stander does take up less space on a trailer.

    cost has never been an issue with me. i purchase what i need no matter what the cost. so the fact that they are in the same price range as a sit down doesn't phase me in the least.

    so why pick a sit down? well i'm not sure i could answer that. the last one i had for a week when my stander was in the shop made me want to have my next mower purchase be a sit down because it was so nice sitting down for a change. but i hear all the problems with your back people say they have by sitting all day plus again it took more time to get off the sit down when i had to move an object or empty the grass catcher. also i use the rops and i came across a few properties with low hanging limbs the sit down would hit or i would have to mow around, causing more trimming around the tree.

    as for handling hills. the stander does an excellent job on the small hills i have but so did the sit down.
  10. unkownfl

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    You know you can have both right? They make models that are mostly stand ups but have a sit down feature. Wright Sport. I would not buy a Gravely/Great Dane stander. On the Gravely you can't even put your whole foot on the platform your heels fall off. Secondly, the machine is huge. The Ferris evolution is a nice machine but it's mostly a sit down.

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