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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fwilamosky, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. yardguy28

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    thats not really the attitude i was getting from your posts at all.

    more like sit downs are better across the board than stand ons attitude.

    i'll agree demoing one is not the same as owning one but i've had sit down mowers as loaners for a week at a time and in my experiece the lazer z i've had as a loaner does not handle hills nearly as well and will not go or get nearly as close to objects as my grandstand.

    i trim first then mow each property. on those weeks i had those loaners i still trimmed first then mowed but i had to go back with the trimmer after mowing some of the properties to trim spots my grandstand would have reached but the lazer z did not.

    so thats my experience and i personally don't find many people who actual say a sit down is better than a stander. seems like more and more people are switching to standers.
  2. exmarkman11

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    I respect yalls opinions, I just gave my opinion to the original poster. I didn't know everyone would attack me for what I thought. Let's just agree to disagree. Chevy vs ford. Scag vs exmark, stander vs ztrs, stihl vs redmax. We could all argue forever on all this stuff. At the end of the day, all that matters is that we are blessed enough to have the health and equipment, to go out work hard and provide for our families
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  3. yardguy28

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    sounds like a great post, well said and agreeable.
  4. BestImpressions99

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    Any machine in the proper (or improper) hands will do great (or incredibly stupid) things. For instance. I LOVE our stander (and yes Exmark I have owned and still own riders). But if you go straight up a hill and have ANY leaning away from the front of the mower you are going to do wheelies. Plain and simple. You HAVE TO think a bit forth dimensionally when mowing hills, rider or stander.
  5. edensgate7

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    good enough for me have a good season!
  6. yardguy28

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    didn't mean to attack your opinions. thats the last thing i wanna do.

    i just caught the wrong attitude of your posts thats all. sorry man
  7. stonebridge

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    now i own a 52 toro grandstand and a 60'' dixie chopper. and i can trim closer and get in tighter spots and turn with the toro with less lawn tearing in the spring, cutting grass at 12mph dosen't look as good as cutting at 8mph. i use my toro on all my yards that under a acre and the 60'' dixie on the bigger stuff. 60 dixie is great to have but give me a yard with a bunch of trees or obstacles i will jump on the toro in a heart beat, and thats coming from someone that loves his dixie more. also it is much easier to maneuver a 54'' long stander compared to a 68-74'' zero turn. and for some reason you do feel better standing all day than sitting on your but all day. all depends on what your cutting in life.
  8. cgaengineer

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    Exmark would not even be around if not for Toro Inc....thats my $.02.
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  9. yardguy28

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    yeah i mentioned that as well but it seemed to go un noticed......
  10. exmarkman11

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    Believe me I don't think exmark is the best anymore. Scag, grasshopper, and the new ferris with suspension and icd deck are all better
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