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  1. demhustler

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    don't believe all what they trying to sell you - even in this booklet they pushing on you - straightforward bs :

    1. "by mowing faster than w/b - you much productive"
    - they don't mowing fast enough (like regular ztr),
    so, by mowing slower than ztr, stander much less ptoductive

    2. small footprint - w/b beat them there
    3. low polar moment they truing to sellg - would apply to road vehicles, not mowers: on the wright - rider close to engine and engine close to middle of mower - but mower 's is not a racing car, it's steering wheels - rear drive wheels, center of inertia in the center of rear wheels, not in the center of the mower
    JD, gravely and lesco standers even carrying dead heavy weights to shift center of gravity, of inertia, balance to the rear
    4. traction on hills -
    "you connected to your mower at your feet, not seat"
    "standing and shifting your weight to compensate for changing terrain"
    - matter not where you connected - matter where where center of gravity of your body will end up; an its - in lover stomach, sticking high, higher then rider's sitting position; since you connected to the mower by your hands, - too, that's leaves you wiggle your body not to far from sitting position;
    the heavier mower- the lesser affect of this shifting
    se your picture- how much you been actually shifting on this "difficult hill":
    Wright Stander ZK Hill Demo flv_0009.jpg
    5. stability - with floating deck - rider and stander engines would be on the frame - above the deck - if deck and frame thickness about the same... - leaving us with operator - sitting position sure, lower, but stander operator can wiggle and shift his COG about 10'' ... from side -to side; or squat down... how often you see guy cuts hill (or flat) sitting on his heels?
    again the more weight-and size, the less affect of shift
    they even shifted ztr rider picture much higher then pict. of much smaller stander ... ridiculous


    Wright Stander ZK Hill Demo flv_0009.jpg


  2. demhustler

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    6. visibility... how much one better than another...and who ever had problem with that ... absolute nonsense...
    7. avoiding obstacles - are you kidding? - 1. rider - lower; 2. under trees and branches your hands are smashed; rider can pick -up branches in front of him and move forward, stander can pop-up his head , but can't see where's he going : ))))
    again, for some reason, they put rider picture higher : ))))))
    8. bail-out - the only true, no comparison with over-lap levers, though Great Dane's between-leg levers - also allows bailout

    9. ergonomics - "1. reduces fatigue of W/B, 2. legs stronger ten back muscles acts like shock absorbers;"
    sitting - reduces fatigue of standing, seat suspension acts like shock absorbers; dirt bikes riders - sitting, but can stand when needed (jumps, etc); sentar 's rider can stand or sit, stendar's rider lack this ability

    10. platform position - again - no matter where your feet - matter where your COG - weld 30 feet rode to the platform near your feet, - if you put any weight on other end of the rod - you'll flip mower, no matter "it's connected at your feet, not your seat"... : )))))))

    - well, what did you expect - no bs? wright's sales department just doing their job... that's what they do...



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  3. demhustler

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    p.s. on the rider ztr i go under branches where w/b or this "riding tower with stander on the top" would newer be; where trimmer will have a very hard time to get : )))))

    - it is not a silver bullet, they exploit "surfing, sporty, different" - appeal, but performance wise - W/B ones "sporty" and would outperform standers, except speed; but standers more comfortable, faster - so overall (less fatigue) productivity can be better;
    same to the opposite in comparison to riders - standers less comfortable, slower - but lighter, more compact and safer (and on the long run healthier (harder on your legs, saves your back)

    so, it is what it is - in-between riding mowers and w/b - choose your poison
  4. brucec32

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    Demhustler, I really wanted to hear your input, as it seems like it could be correct. I have also thought some of the claims by Wright to be a little exaggerated. Unfortunately, I can't really understand much of the text of your posts. Could you maybe repost it with the grammar fixed?
  5. Puddle of Oil

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    sorry if this is a stupid question but have you ever operated a stand on mower????????? ya their is a chance your fingers will get hit on the top of the lever, but thats why the levers come down on the side so the metal bar and front levers can take the hit. and the "tower" protects the operator from that massive branch! and as far as vision goes, just lean to the far right or the far left! its not hard! i think using a z is the worst you could do when going around a tree! you cant bend down or move very far left or right, your pretty much screwed!

    ive read both your post 5 times and i still have no idea what your talking about! looks like chicken scratch:)
  6. Rons Rightway Lawncare

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    I just picked up a stander, and I have used ZTR's since around 1997-1998.

    Why did I get a stander?

    I am tired of sitting!

    I sit on a hot vinyl seat. My butt gets no air, my butt gets sweaty and smelly. The tops of my legs fry from the sun. I get covered in dust and debris from the discharge on my mower, especially on windy days. I have a suspension seat, and even have low air pressure in my tires, yet I still get pounded on rough yards. If I want to pick up trash or some sticks or a toy left in the yard whatever, I have to go through a ordeal to get on and off the machine. Plus due to the size and weight of my machine I have to really slow down in the turns to avoid tearing up the grass.

    The Stander fixes these problems for me.

    Everyone I know that uses these loves them. One of my best friends has 3 crews in his business and each crew has a 36 wb, a 52 stander and a 61 rider. He says the standers are more productive and faster on all but the very large properties. He says he hates using the riders, for all the same reasons I listed.

    We will see how I like it after a few months of using it. But I do find it kinda funny how everyone seems to think that you haven't " Arrived " in the lawn service business if your not on a rider. I am sure some of my customers will be glad to see I am not on my beast of a mower and on something that at least looks much smaller and lighter.
  7. demhustler

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    yes, i did - and it not better on the hills etc. than w/b or rider; back-forth moves on stander easier than on w/b with sulky but it also easier to damage turf
    hide your hands under branches or not or poking your head you still can't see what in front of you anyway - so you end-up not going under branches sideways as you do on rider - which leaves you to get it only back-forth ...

    to pick-up toys or trash from the rider you don't have to even step from the mower - lean on the side (on the tank) and pick it up from the ground; to rich it on front - you do have to take your S from the seat but don't have to even step from the deck, may be move your feet a little - short move, much faster then going all the way around the mower

    despite they trying to advertise opposite - it's design flaw - underweighted rear wheels - achilles hill of such design
    but overall:
    + compact; comfort (less fatigue);
    - poor weight distribution;
    on the long run - less fatigue translates in more efforts on overall performance and, i believe, -overweights
    also - as a weapon of choice - whatever works for whom - everybody's different


    even if i explained it to you 5 times - i see, you would still have no idea what i'm talking about, so don't worry about it
  8. demhustler

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    what about Sentar? if compere to same size Stendar? while sitting, can you stand-up a bit or use your legs better when go over the bumps?

    one bad thing i heard from guys having brand new Sentar, 61''deck - too small blades overlap - too often leaves line of grass between left and central blade, even with sharp blades, when other mowers don't
    (that was about 2 year ago - they might solved this issue)
  9. Grass Cake

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    This paragraph tells me you've never operated a ztr/rider on a daily basis.
  10. demhustler

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    much more than 10 years - on daily basis
    even 26''wheels - bit more strech to the side then 24
    this tells me - you don't know much about it (or didn't learn much)

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