standers vs walk-behinds?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Darrell, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. Darrell

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    My buddy and I went to the trade show at the Hynes Center last week. I only have experience with John Deere mid-mount tractors. For someone starting a maintenance division what is the most versatile and efficient to purchase, a stander or a walk-begind? Anyone with experience on both? I'm looking to compare and contrast. Up until last week, I was under the impression that walk-behinds were the necessary initial purchase. Now, I'm wondering if a stander, will out perform for the money. I have talked to sales reps, but I'm looking for honest advice from someone out in the trenches who has used both. Please help!
  2. sheppard

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    Evening Darrell,

    I have a Snapper 36" WB. My plan is to buy a Wright Stander 52" or 61" shortly. The Snapper is a fixed deck, belt drive.

    When I decided to get a W.S. at first I thought I would (after trading in the Snapper) get a 36" & the larger ones I mentioned above. Now I think the best move would be to have an adjustable deck put on the Snapper and keep it, but also get the larger Wright Stander. They are so much more productive and they take up less space on a trailer.

  3. slplow

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    Darrell, was that the NE GROWS show in MA? If you don't have alote of hills the stander or a zero turn rider is the way to go.
  4. BRL

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    The Standers work great on hills. Very stable & safe. They are better than the belt drive walk behinds I have owned (for hills). I never owned a hydro walk behind so I can't compare to that. The Stander allowed me to do what we were doing with 2 walk behinds in a day, so I will vote they they are worth the money over walk behinds.
  5. Mark

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    BRl what size decks are you talking about on the walkbehinds. I have two 52" that cut great a 6mph and they can get into places where my 62 ZTR can't, i only use Hydros there hard to beat on hills and im down here on the Ohio River and have many hilly accounts. I can't see a stander geting the job done any faster than me on a 52 walk. Darrell that Snapper with the fixed deck should have adjustments,i have a Snapper 52 fixed its on its nineth yr and still going strong,don't you have front caster adjustments plus back bolts also for deck adjustment? Good luck with your new purchase. Marks Mowing Service
  6. tpirobert

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    I have a 52" gear drive WB, a 52"Z rider and a 61" Wright Stander. I mow all day with the Stander and have the WB as a back-up or for a couple hills I prefer not to put the Stander on. The Z gets used for fall bagging of leaves and as spray/fert rig and pulling aerator. My most valuable piece of equipment is the Stander. I live in the mountain region of NC, so we have plenty of hills. The Stander does very well. I don't know your whole situation, but my vote would be to keep a WB and buy a 52 or 61 Stander. I have considered selling my Z, but it's paid for and I have found more uses for it. Should I expand my business again, I will probably buy more Standers, no riders or WBs
  7. carlriv

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    Ah something I know about...

    I used to have 3 48" walk behinds and 1 36". I did buy velkes for the 48"s' and a 52" Scag SSZ

    Now I have 2 52" Great Dane Surfers, 2 61" Wright Standers, and one Hustler 260K

    My mowing revenue has grown by 3-4 times since the days of walk behinds, mowing labor hours are up 10% +/- ($$'s are up significantly)

    The only places I cant use the standers is where they physically dont fit thru (gates), or where I would not dare use a walk behind either.

    Sometimes I wish I kept the 36", but for the few places I need it I use a 21" and charge accordingly
  8. yorkpaddy

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    i might be wrong, but when this guy said maintence division, i was thinking of something like the grounds crew for a university, on a smaller scale. So trailer space might not be as much of a concern for him. I have done some pretty steep hills with my Toro 36 belt drive. one hill was so steep, that when I let the machine get away from me, it rolled down the hill. And i don't mean pointed nose down, i mean it tumbled down. Once that happened, i gave the lawn up. I could do the lawn with the 36, but I had to be absolutely perfect with my control on the turns transitioning from braking to drive, or else the machine would roll backwards on that side, and when it did start driving, wheelie up hard. It was 2 years ago, so I don't remember too well.
  9. Guardian

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    Please tell me how many of you adjust the deck height during the day. How many times? How long does it take? What is your method? Do you get grease on yourself?

    I love the standers performance, but I change my deck height all day, sometimes in the middle of a job. (Sentar only goes up to 52", I want 61.)
  10. tpirobert

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    Adjusting the Stander deck. Don't do it , wouldn't be prudent:)
    Seriously, I set my deck for 3 to 31/2 inches and leave it. For changing blades or to change deck setting I use a Jungle Jack to lift front. If you have to change height, move spacers on casters. Wear a glove and no grease on your hands. I run double blades in the fall, so I adjust spacers on spindles for proper hight cut. Educate your customers on the proper height cut for your type grass and/or tell them it will cost more to cut at a different height. That's what I do.

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