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  1. apowell18

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    I am beginning my business right now and hopefully will be mowing this next spring. I've been researching everything humanly possible (not quite done yet either, I have this winter). I believe I have narrowed down the mowers that I feel I will need, however I would really appreciate everyones input.

    I will maintain residential only with less than 3 acres (majority less than1). I know i do not need a ZTR, however I am having trouble deciding on a WB or Stander? I'm leaning toward the Stander, though and wanting input.

    Looking at Wright Standers 36" & 48".

    Any recommendations?
    Also keeping information on Ferris models for the future.

    Thanks guys
  2. Josh.S

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    Well it is good to have a target customer group set out, but make sure you make your business scalable.. that is something I am having problems with, originially I only wanted to offer the mow-blow-go type of serivce, now I am full service lawncare Mow Right does not portray that to the customer, if I would have went with Cutting Edge Lawncare, then I could offer a variety of services and still make sense under my name...

    what i mean is dont get the smallest piece of equipment for your business so if you grow bigger (or do bigger lots) than you had originially planned...

    what happens if somebody comes up and offers you $300 per week for 6 acres, and then you cant do the job because you have small residential equipment..

    the decision is yours, i dont know much about standers but i do know that i hate walk behinds..
  3. JJLandscapes

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    dont forget about fence openings for backyards its a big thing many people over look

    buy your equipment and take on sizes you can handle especially if u are just starting out
  4. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I have one customer I mow that is 1.3 acres. That lawn takes me 55 minutes to trim, mow, clean-up and go. That is with a 52in Stander...... For that lawn I would love to have a larger mower. But the rest of my properties are 3/4 acre or less.......

    As far as gates go......If they sign up for the season, I will pay to have their gate widened to 5 feet, no one has ever said no to that. That way I can use the big mower.....Totally worth the money...

  5. mowerdude59

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    I am just starting out also and I am considering a walker MC with the 48 GHS deck and 48 side discharge deck. Any advise on the walker line.

    Mowerdude59 South caroilna
  6. dago man

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    I've been doing alot of research to get my business going next season and I've pretty much decided on the Better Products Quick 36 walk behind mower, they have have packages that include everything you need to start a business, seems like a decent price too, I'm worried about gate openings too, what's the average cost to widen a gate opening?

    Dago Man
  7. ed2hess

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    Interesting where you live...guess that is why you are starting out with the top line of mowers?
  8. John Gamba

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    Ed he will learn:waving:
  9. metro36

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    ditto !!!!!^^^^^^

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