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  1. SlowMow

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    I haven't seen much discussion on this site about stander mowers. Anybody use 'em? If so which one(s) are the best? If not, why?
  2. sedge

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    We are phazing out of ours. We have 32"s, great, great mower, but to heavy for the tire size and we put 8.5 on the rears. I think they come with 6"???!!! Such a heavy built mower for the width of the tires. Just leave the yards looking like sh!t if it is even a little wet. have to use the 32"s as we have so many back yard gates that are 33" wide. Hope this helps!
  3. lawnprosteveo

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    I have the JD Quik Trak 647...48" deck so it has 20 x 8's for tires. I havent noticed any rutting even in the wet months we had early this season. I have heard by alot of Wright Stander owners that the 36's and 32's rut like crazy. I dont know about the 48's and bigger. I know the Wright 48 has smaller tires than my Deere.
    For the smaller decks, I'll stick with a good Toro wb...

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