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  1. AielLandscaping

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    i just recently started using my stander and have found that people really notice these machines. today i had a guy walking by starring a hole through my mower. even after passing where i was working he continued to watch me over his shoulder until i was completely out of sight. i'm sure you guys have some good stories about people starring, so lets hear 'em
  2. KLMlawn

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    Glad to hear you enjoy your investment and that you are being noticed for it.
    I have had many similar situations where a person is walking by one of my accounts just as we pull up, see me go into the trailer and come out on this very different looking contraption, and stare in wonderment. He is so lost in interest with what we are doing with these machines that he totally forgets where he was headed and proceeds to watch us while I cut and my helper weed whacks and blows off. I noticed him look at his watch as we started ... and again when we finished blowing off.
    "You finished that house in 14 minutes ... unbelievable, it would have taken me nearly an hour an a half to cut and weed whack my house which is about the same size" he said.
    It was about an 8,000 sq.ft. house, not that bad on time. I get this quite frequently, and everyone is always staring at my machines and the speed at which they cut.
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    Yes they do; at me! Haha :p :p :p
  4. Brickman

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    I got a lot of that too when mowing along streets with my Walker. Well DUH, you telling me you never saw some body mow lawn????

    LAWnENFORCER LawnSite Member
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    I have a fairly large commercial account at a factory that makes rubber pieces for oil rigs. The building has about four bay doors on each side and there is usually about 50 people on the 1st shift. Every time I mow with my DC at least half of the employees stand at the doors and stare. When I met with the plant manager, he told me that the workers gave me a nickname of "zippy".

  6. Scag48

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    I was mowing at an apartment complex that was right on a corner. The lawn is all out in the open and can be seen easily from the street. I was mowing with my w/b and as I turned to come down another stripe, I looked out in the street and some lady in a car slowed down really slow and creeped along and watched me mow for about a minute or so. Since I was on a corner, she decided to go to the intersection, flip a U-turn, then come down the other side of the street, stare, wave hysterically, then drive off. Really strange. Nobody is this town has ever seen a w/b, let alone an LCO with a mower other than a couple of 21"s and JD lawn tractors. One other time I was mowing at the same apartment complex and some of my competition rolled up to the 4 way intersection. There's 3 guys in a beat up truck, old trailer, 3 21"s, and an old JD lawn tractor. They stop at the 4 way and since there was nobody there, they just sat there and watched me mow with my w/b. Of course they had no clue as to what it was either since they've never seen one before and I could see all three of them peeking out the window watching me mow. I just had to laugh. :cool:
  7. 65hoss

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    We get a lot of people watching us on the Lazer when we start a new residential lawn. Most people I guess are normally seeing 21"ers or w/b's. I hear all the time, "that things a Cadillac."
  8. FrankenScagMachines

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    ROFLMAO! :eek: :D :cool: :p :p

    Yea I know of areas like that ScagMark! Places that are so deprived they don't know what a w/b is... Well the "commercial" companies there that actually have the first clue about it use a DC or Scag ZTR, and a couple trimmers but don't edge blow or anything like that. I think the Standard package doesn't even include trimming :p But these guys are making money at it and are driving nice rigs and getting new mowers every few years so I guess it works for them. But they're mostly mowing acreage residentials. ;)

    Another time, I was in the orthodontist's chair tipped back, and there's this guy on a sulky behind a 48" Scag hydro, and all the nurses are like "Oh look thats so cool! That would be so neat to ride on a mower like that! " Can't imagine what they'd think of a Stander mower LOL. First time I saw one of those in use I was at a drive-in and I could hardly eat my lunch I was staring at that guy. Couldn't beleive how fast and maneuverable it was in a real small area. Wow! Then he goes back to the trailer and comes back on a 60" DC with a 25hp Kohler and a BP blower and blows the area off and scatters the clumps. Back to trailer, he's gone. Guess he didn't have any trimming to do. But it was cool watching him :D
  9. Mr_Marc

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    Are you sure your FLY wasn't open!

    Just kidding

    Yea my wife stares all the time and I'm like go get the edger or blower this aint a spectator sport :dizzy:
  10. greenman

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    I get the stares too, sometimes. I can do 8000-9000 sq.ft in 30 min. with my 36wb. Then they think that since I can cut my time by 1/3 or 1/2 (compared to 21") that I should cut their rate by that much:( . Yeah right.

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