Start small and use Dad's tools

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by The Cowboy, Nov 5, 2005.

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    Howdy folks!
    I bought my first shovel when I was 7. I started using it helping dad build a vegetable garden on our 3 acres. It was my job to manage it because dad was at work all the time and relied on me. I was a rubber crutch at times, but by the time I was 9 I was mowing our lawn every week, and managing a 2500 sq. ft. garden. I was 10 when I used a friend's Case skid steer to bust out a concrete slab behind our house. Dad bought a 3' landscape rake and let me use it whenever he decided to add a berm or level a large patch of soil. The neighbors used to love to watch this skinny little kid kicking *** and liked to poke fun, but as I got older they started asking me to help them with small things around the yard, like trimming a bush or replacing rotted fenceposts. When I was 12 Dad decided that farming might be fun so he bought a whole fleet of antique equipment and started renting land for $50 an acre. I learned to plow and disc and everything else and still love it to this day. At 18 Dad bought a huge New Holland Super-boom loader to build a new driveway for our house. Guess who got to use it the most? About 330 tons of stone later and 4 semis of topsoil, the neighbors decided I should be in business for real, so I went out and bought a $7500 Ford F-150 and $6500 Exmark Lazer Z and paid for both in the first 6 months. I never have advertised and get all work from word of mouth. Dads brand new trailer for hauling tractors came in real handy.
    My younger brother and I and a couple guys have kept ourselve busy 6 days a week since then and have become very popular around here.
    I have a trade mark that may be one of the secrets to my success. I wear a white cowboy hat and pressed wranglers at all times along with any type of western boot. Even when I am covered with dirt I try to maintain a clean, sharp appearance. My straightforward dealings with potential customers close the deal over 95% of the time. Not only have I established a steady customer base of about 50 people, I get loads of side jobs from all the word of mouth advertising they do.
    Going to a local college has been very difficult with my schedule, so I took mostly night classes which helped. To date I have squeezed an A out of every class and was nominated for the National Deans list this year. Thanks dad for starting me early and letting me use your tools!
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    Sounds like you're doing well for yourself!!

    Cheers, to you :)
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    Thats awsome, congratulations, you got a really early start, that sure helps. Age 10 using a skid steer, thats really cool. Congrats!!
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    wow thats kool i dropve my first skid steer when i was eleven putting a foundation (spelling) for a huge shed and last year used a skid steer for 4 hours doing snow removal they r wicked fun cant wait to buy my own

    and good luck :)
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    awesome...i dug out some crap for my grandpa when i was like ten with a skid...gotta agree w/ you zimbob...theyre wicked fun :)
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    congreat.. guys like you giveme hope for today's youth....
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    yup i used a S250 bobcat both times now i want one so bad
  8. chopsticks33

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    it was a while ago...i dont really remember what i used...
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    Awsome story thanx for sharing it.

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