start thinking about fall...


as irrigation spickets click away and unirrigated lawns stay green only in areas of car washing i am thinking fondly of's what i do and i would like to hear other's fall programs...athletic turf also... on the first rains i aerate, topdress with groco, it's biosolids mixed in sawdust composted 2 years from the waste water facility, works great and has lots of iron, overseed into the groco, wash it in with roots fe8 and some local humic products, as the rains fall bingo- purple lawn!!! late oct. is best for those blue and white stripes....winter fert is something like a 4-8-12...iron oxide not to if you did a football feild and dudes are ripin' it up on a steady basis how does one manage wear and tear? football players don't wear spikes! in seattle we don't get snow cover but leaf spot (melting out) can get outa control if soluables were used in spring...grey snowmold can be really bad too but leaf spot will eat the thatch as well and you just have mud! i guess most of you warm season guys overseed with cool season in your is this done?