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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Irish mower, Mar 28, 2001.

  1. Irish mower

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    Hi guys! I am new here and I was just wondering if there was anybody out there that could give me a little help starting my lawn business. I am interested in doing around 30 - 50 lawns a week for me and/or my brothers. I would like some helpful hints on start up costs, bidding costs and actual costs. If there is some help out there, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. 1MajorTom

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    Hi Irish Mower. Welcome to Lawnsite.

    Too many variables out there to specifically answer your questions. What is your market like there? What type of customers will you be targeting? High end residentials, mow and blows, commercials?

    There is a ton of information here at Lawnsite that can get you started in the right direction. Use the search feature at the top right hand corner and you can review thousands of posts where most topics have been discussed.

    Remember: Keep in mind that when it comes to pricing and costs, every area is different. What someone charges in Florida, isn't necessarily the going rate say in New York.

    Good luck,
  3. summitgroundskeeping

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    Buy or demo products first to see what you like, then see what kinds of clients you get, and then buy your equipment. Some dealers let you demo their stuff if they know you will spend quite a bit of money there, mine does. Or, just buy temporary equipment first until you see what you really need. Lots of new guys out here who just start out, buy too much stuff that is out of their actual budget, and go out of business in their second season. C.Y.A.
  4. Skippy

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    from Maine
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    Hey Irish I'm glad I'm not the only new one veturing out there. I'm just starting out on my own aswell and feel that reading everything you can really helps. I bought a book on how to start your own landscape business even though I'm not landscaping just doing the maintenance but it really gave me a good idea on what I'm getting into. There are alot of different things to look at such as bookkeeping, services offered, financing, bidding, and lots more. make a $20-25.00 investment and purchase a good book it'll really help. Good Luck to you. Happy mowing!
  5. bob

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    Welcome Irish Mower and Skippy, The best advice that I can give you is to use the search feature on this forum. There is a ton of information on this forum about all aspects of the lawn care business.
  6. Samurai WeedWacker

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    departments. Find out if commonly used parts are in stock, and how long is required to get out-of-stock parts. Find out average backlog in the repair dept.
  7. Jason_S

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    I'd say try out different mowers and etc. Find what will work best, then stick with that product, keep all your equipment standardized so it's easier to service, and the place where you bought the equipment will generally help you out since you're good business. (mind you this is when you get going)
  8. Kurt

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    I am new also, but I have 4 weeks under my belt.
    I have 6 accounts now and growing weekly, but I also have years experience in business marketing and public relations.
    First: Hire a CPA for directions.
    Second: Develop a business plan. "all the answers you will ask is in that plan"
    Third: Invest $10,000 (equipment & marketing material) and lots and lots of no-pay-time.
    Good luck

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