Start-Up Tax Questions

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by True Green, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Flatop

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    I agree whole heartly on getting a CPA. They are worth the money.
  2. richonsa

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    As a CPA, I will add that the services a CPA provides is invaluable. The tax code isn't something you just deal with by going to the IRS website once a year. A CPA can help you determine the right structure, entity selection, asset depreciation (you can section 179 stuff first year, of if it is brand new stuff you can sec 179 or get special depreciation, which is half of asset value in first year) expensing methods, etc etc. I've seen erroneous information in this thread alone, not to mention the rest of the threads on this site. It is well worth the money, so go to or call your local Chamber and ask about a good CPA who deals with small business. Many CPA firms focus on bigger business, to include audits, reviews, etc. They will fit you in, but they will charge you a premium and some bookkeeper/first year accountant will do all of the prep. Find a sole practitioner who has good references. You won't be sorry. It will pay dividends going forward.

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