Started building the barn today

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Fieldman12, Aug 14, 2007.

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    Well, the Amish got her today around 11:00am and quit at 2:00pm. In three hours they had all the holes dug and the barn framed. They are coming tomorrow to set the trusses up. There was a total of eight in the crew including the driver. The drive his only job was just to haul them around. It took them four hours to get here today from where they where at and get all the people picked up. They are non stop workers I must say. They are very fast and accurate. They make it look like childs play. The excavator that dug the holes brought out a Gehl CTL 70. He said it has been a good machine except for some hydraulic and electrical issues. He said he owns a Deere 325 skid steer, a Deere 50 mini excavator, and also a Hitachi mini excavator. He came here all the way from Germantown which was like an hour and a half drive. I would have taken some pics of them putting it up but I know Amish don't like there pictures taken. Wish I had some tires for the trailer so I could have rented an auger attachment and maybe saved us a little money.
  2. Fieldman12

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    Technically it still has some framing to go. They have all the boards around the bottom but still need to keep going up. Anyway here is a few pics I just went out and snapped. They claim if the weather holds out they can have it all built in three days total. They have the sliding door frames built and allot of other jobs done.

    Picture2 267.jpg

    Picture2 272.jpg
  3. Dstosh

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    What is the finished size going to be?
  4. Mr Priceless

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    I thought they didn't believe in machines:confused:

    ...Unless the excavator was somebody else.
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    That is going to be a huge barn........ What are you going to have inside once complete.
  6. RockSet N' Grade

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    There is something inherently appealing to me with the Amish. Their work ethic, skillfulness and pride in their workmanship is something to be admired. Are they going to use nails or drill and peg it all? That barn looks as though it is a useful size. Wish I had built my barns a bit bigger..........
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    looks good is it 80' x 40'.
  8. cat2

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    I think the size is 40 x 64
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    The barn is 40' x 64' as Cat2 stated. It will be over 14' tall at the doors when done and that is allowing for concrete so it will actually have probably a little more since we are using gravel. The barn is going to be used for farm machinery, skid steer, and hopefully down the road more excavating equipment and possibly a combine. We designed it so we could get a combine in with duals. They are putting it all together by nails except for the siding which they will use screws. They use a chainsaw to cut the majority of boards to size. They use a power saw some but not very much. The guy that dug the holes for the post was a seperate crew that included him and a helper. I really like the Gehl/Takeuchi CTL machines. If there was a dealer close down the road I may be interested in one. They are really heavy built machines. I will have some more pics in a bit since they just got done for the day.
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    Well, they worked 3 hours and 40 minutes on the barn today. A big crane was called in to help them set the trusses. They have a little more bracing to do but not much. Then they will be ready for the siding, roof, doors, and the roof insulation. Me and the sweetie will be leaving early tomorrow for Bowling Green, Ohio to the National tractor pulls so will not be back until Sunday. I'm ready to see lot's of smoke :) Enjoy the pics.

    Picture2 512.jpg

    Picture2 514.jpg

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