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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by amobcp, May 28, 2005.

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    thanks to all the great advice from this site i started advertising for different tractor services. landed two large homebuilders for grading new homes and will probably have to take add out of paper already
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    Im glad I saw this post, congrats by the way on your success.

    So you come in after the build and construction cleanup or are you just doing the site pad before they begin the slab or foundation?

    I'm trying to take advantage of the equipment I have too. I'm been mowing some part time and I'm having pretty good sucess at least for my needs.

    I got a couple of small residential jobs and then some big jobs where I use my pull behind mower. With a 42' cheapo Murray I pull a 60" swisher offset. 100" finish cut. I know I be better off with a big ZTR but I don't have one of those :)

    I have a B7500hst Tractor with a Front-end loader, grader-blade, box-blade, auger and a 60" 3pt PTO finish mower. So I'd like know more details on you homebuilder jobs.

    My biggest concern is the tires. I only have ag tires for the tractor.

    I really want to quit my job(IT stuff) and I'm hoping by next year that I can. Tractor work, lawn maint, landscaping, carpentry, pipe-fence/welding...its all good and I have all the equipment.

    Anyway I'd like to hear about your jobs please. Thanks.

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