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    i figured this place was as good as any to start posting on this forum i just found... wish i would have found it before i started my business. ;)

    anyway i started my business in march. sort of unexpectedly and with some very low grade home owner equipment. :eek: not to mention i started by cold knocking on doors with yards that need mowed, but i guess that is how most get started.

    i'm from north texas (the texoma area) and i started my one man show in march with a murray mower, a ryobi curved-shaft weedeater and a weedeater brand blower. i also picked up a cheap edger soon after starting. as i started getting a few larger yards, i got real lucky and was able to borrow a riding mower until i could purchase one myself.

    first thing i did was replace the ryobi with a echo srm-230. i have also replaced my murray mower with a toro self propelled mower. i plan on upgrading the blower to a backpack style. i also plan on upgrading my edger to an echo.

    most recently i upgraded and bought myself a used Gravely 44Z. makes a huge difference.

    anyway, i have found this business to have a high turnover rate and i guess finding good customers that stick with you and mow regularly is not the easiest thing.

    with that said, i have done ok. i had 8 customers until recently when i was able to pick up another 9 from a old friend who is getting out of the business.

    my business has been fairly successful as far as i am concerned and i hope to continue to grow it and invest in it... :clapping:

    nice to have found this site :waving:
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    Good luck to you!
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    thanks cgaengineer....

    i just re-read my post and i wanted to clarify that the high turnover rate that i have encountered is not based on my performance, but rather on things such as; people with no mower/broke mower and then got one, people who's doctor said no to mowing then gave the ok to start mowing themselves again, renters who moved out, home owners that sold, neighbor started mowing their yard for FREE... :eek:

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    this thread needs some pics... here's my humble little rig. i've just had it 3 full days now so it needs some additions.

    need some signs, a trimmer rack, a tool box, probably a backpack blower rack too, since a backpack is the company's next investment ;) maybe a little caged box on the tongue for gas cans.

  5. Limbourg

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    And by that I mean securing your tools! Get a good chain and a few padlocks, because all those pretty new tools be gone in a wink if you don't lock them up properly.

    Better safe than sorry!

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    funny you should mention that. after joining this site and reading some of the horror stories i have just spent the last week buying locks and cables.

    eventually i will have a bp blower rack and xtreme trimmer rack, until then...

    the bp blower and toro 21" wb get locked to the trailer via plastic coated steel cable. the echo trimmer and i have added an echo stick edger are also lock together to the trailer via steel cable. the trailer ramp is locked so my ZTR is safe.

    if they want my craftsman edger (backup) they can have it, lol... i do need some lockable toolbox soon also..

    so until i can afford all the nice racks, i go with steel cable and padlocks... but it's locked and that allows me to relax when it's not in view.

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    an updated pic of my gear...


    i am about to re-arrange the trailer. the wb and craftsman edger are just in the way having to be unloaded and loaded way to many times. when i've got it i will post a new pic.
  8. Buck Hollow Lawn Care

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    looks good how you doing now?

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    i did a little rearrange on the trailer with the wb and edger up front. the wb is used about 25%-30% of the time. it's currently turned sideways making it even harder to unload. still have the bp blower and toolbox to move to unload the ZTR. better but needs improvement...

    the craftsman edger has started pulling to the right and causing it to constantly dig into the concrete. i need to figure that out, but it is only a backup and i am seriously considering leaving it at home. as sure as i do, my echo will break :eek:

    anyway, i need to improve, no pics yet...

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