Started this venture nov 2007 and i will be

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Going for my core test and 07 test feb 25th and 06 test the following month.Hope i am ready,i know it seems quick but like i have stated before its balls to the walls.I figure why should i sub out my fert and pest if i think i am able to do it myself.
    I believe with the amount of homework and studing i have been doing i will pass these test when the time comes and if i dont then i will know its not time yet no big deal. I also look at it this way,lets say i dont get as many accounts that i am looking to get come season start for lawn mowing,atleast if i have my aplicators license maybe i can get a few days work subbing for my neighbor who has more work then he can handle.
    I have confidence that i will pass though and then i will go along with my neigbor for alittle and learn as much as possible before i start applying on my own! Im sure some are going to say i should wait and thats fine but for me its always all out or stay home.:weightlifter:
  2. EJD Lawnpride

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    Are you sure you want to do this? I was a G.c. Supt. w/ my fert. license when i started. If you get a lot of mowing accts., and other work it is very hard to find the right time for the applications. I had 30 accts. that got fert., i had to give it up due to my son's allergy to it. I gave my accts. to a fert. guy here in town,and actually got 22 lawns from him. We are now great friends. I don't miss the fert. side of things at all. Don't forget all granular is not as good as having away to spray also. So if considering it look into the permagreen.
  3. bigw

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    yes im sure and i am looking at a permagreen as we speak,i would think if you got that big with fert you would have left the mowing for someone else,{well besides for your son}my neighbor started mowing 3 years ago and also did fert and now he is strictly fert with over 350 accounts and making 3x the money.
    The profit margin and time has to better in fert dont you agree or am i mistaken? Either way the ball is already rolling and i am going through with it,whats the big deal if i have my license and get too many fert jobs i will simply hire a pt to help mow my lawns.I want to get it eventually anyway so why not now.What do you think of the sentre compared to the new permagreen? From what i hear the new one is a ***** to steer when loaded.

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    keeping the treatment accounts for your own, you'll profit so much more, and have control over when the stuff gets done.

    I think you're going to do really well this year, you just need everything to green up already...:laugh:
  5. EJD Lawnpride

    EJD Lawnpride LawnSite Senior Member
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    Right now you are solo? I had two guys helping me and with 120 lawns and all the other projects it was hard to find the time. Fert. is all about the right timing. There is a lot of profit in it but, also a lot of work. If you mow and fert. and not much other projects on the plate, then you should do well. How many lawns do you have? How many want fert? If you get 30 lawns for fert. then you are looking at about $1,000 in profit for one day of work. Not to bad. Unfortunately for me my son was allergic to it. My friend has the permagreen , it's three years old, but he loves it.

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