Starter Fertilizer - again?


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Mahwah, NJ
2 weeks ago, I rented a Bluebird slit-seeder for a total lawn renovation (after killing everything with Round-Up in early September). I'm fairly pleased with the results but I obviously missed a couple of spots (I can clearly tell where I messed up).

Anyway, I raked up those dead spots to expose the soil and I just spread some more seed in that area at the new lawn setting with my Scott's spreader. Can I apply Scott's starter fertilzer in these missed areas only?

I applied starter fertilzer across the entire lawn 2 weeks ago after I seeded. How long does that stuff stay in the soil and what are the drawbacks to applying more?

Thank you.
generally if you missed small spots, sprinkleing some small amounts of extra fertilizer in those places taht you missed will not damage anything just don't use too much. use your head you'll be able to judge when its too much. or look in surrounding areas to see how dense the fertilizer is there. if you've raked these areas there is a good chance that alot of the fertilizer went with it.