Starter for Kohler Command 25 in Mini-Skid

G.L. In Ont

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Hey folks, hope everyone had a great Christmas and got what they always wanted!! =)

I'd love some input/advice from the mechanic-types on the site as I need to tackle this job and am a little apprehensive about it.

Need to replace starter in my Thomas 25G mini-skid. Pulling old starter out and putting new one in seems straightforward as I watched a great vid on youtube.

The part that I am having trouble with is how I am going to access the starter as everything is in a very small tight space.

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions?

G.L. In Ont

G.L. In Ont

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Thanks Dutch, but that link is for the full-sized Thomas skid-steer manuals. I have the manual for my MINI-skid but it isn't of much help.

Appreciate the input though.



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If there's no room to get your hands down into this unit to work, Your only option is to pull the engine.

I have the same issue with my personal ZTR, They stuck it down into the frame then wrapped the steel body around it.

Good Luck