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Starter kit for Kawaski 14hp single cylinder engine


LawnSite Member
I would like to know where I can get a starter kit for my Gravely Walk-behind mower 14 hp single cylinder Kawasaki engine. It is so hard to pull start when it's cool in the morning.


LawnSite Bronze Member
The flywheel has to be changed, will need a stator ring for charging system,add starter,wiring,battery. It would be easier and almost as cheap to just buy a different engine. The twin cylinder Kaws pull start very easy.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Originally posted by Richard Martin
10w30 will fix the problem.
Light weight oil will make no difference at all. I have had a Kaw 14 hp single since 1998. Its been a ***** to start in the morning when the temp is under 45 degrees since it was new. They just pull hard. If its a hydro like mine is you really need to open the bypass on the pumps. And it was checked by the shops more than once.