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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by larry28464, Jun 5, 2008.

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    I can start mtd 2o hps b&s, I Am Trying to find a wiring diagram for model 13AU608H016 1999 2000. When I put a charger directly to the starter it will get a bit not enough power to turn over battery fully charged. I have found two 20amp fuse both were blown and replace still will not start when key is turned. There are three safety one in the seat one brake pedal and one with the ptl blade engage switch. Where can I get a copy of the wiring for this model
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    Usually in your owner's manual.
    Failing that, ask your local dealer.

    When I was an MTD dealer, we had a few of them burn up the wiring harness.
    One customer was P.O'ed so much that it happened to him TWICE!
    The second time, we let him use one of our "beaters". It took 8 MONTHS to get the part in. (MTD no longer makes their own wiring harnesses "in-house".)
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    thanks jason. I just rememberber web site I use last year when repairing carb. on same mower, I have the diagram, and it looks like it is them solenoid.
    The wiring is ok from the battery to solenoid nad tothe starter th fues hase be replaced.
    The cost is 15.oo dollor hope it work.
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    prolem fixed bad solenoid. replaced run great. Once again provide more than just parts. I did not by from them but foud out what was wrong with my mower, by the diagram they had listed.

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